The Story of Heywood

This is the story of the small south-eastern Lancashire town of Heywood, affectionately (or perhaps disparagingly) known as ‘Monkey Town’.

On the surface, Heywood might not appear to have as notable a history as its mid-sized neighbours Bury, Middleton and Rochdale. And they in turn do not have the great historical impact of the twin Lancastrian giants of Manchester and Liverpool. Scratch the surface, however, and even in a small town like Heywood you will find connections to most of the major events and epochs in British history - from the Ice Age, the Bronze Age, the Romans, Vikings, Medieval England, the Civil Wars, the Industrial Revolution, the World Wars and into the 21st century. These connections show how the big stories of the nation were experienced by ordinary people living in the smaller corners of the country.

Monkey Town is a work-in-progress and new articles are always being developed. Written contributions are welcome.

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