The 19th-Century Chroniclers of Heywood

There are several rich written accounts of the scenes and people in Heywood from the mid-19th century. This was still a young growing town, but old enough to have developed established grand homes and impoverished neighbourhoods.

The pages linked below share some of these evocative descriptions of a town yet to experience its most prosperous days:

Link to Edwin Butterworth's description of Heywood in 1830
A descriptive look at the emerging cotton town by writer Edwin Butterworth.

Link to a description of Heywood, Lancashire, in the 1840s.
An article depicting a slice of life and the characters in 1840s Heywood.

Link to Edwin Waugh's description of Heywood, Lancashire, in 1855
Edwin Waugh wrote extensively about Heywood during the 1850s and produced vivid accounts of life in the town.

Link to a description of a walk to the cemetery in Heywood, Lancashire, in the 1850s
A charming recollection of the the walk from central Heywood to the then-new cemetery in the 1850s.

Link to a recollection of Heywood, Lancashire, in 1858
Another detailed description of the streets and scenes of Heywood in 1858.

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