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Baptisms, Marriages and Burials in Heywood
Links to old records about thousands of people who were baptised, married or buried at churches in and around Heywood.


Alan said…
Regarding the Aircraft that was the gate guard back in the 70s - I remember it as a Gloster Meteor F8

This Meteor F.8, which commemorates and carries the markings of 616 (South Yorkshire) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, is really WL168, which never flew with the squadron.

WL168 was built at Hucclecote as part of the last batch of the 1090 F.8s built and entered service with the Royal Air Force in February 1954. For the first year it was with 111 Squadron at North Weald, then with 604 (County of Middlesex) Squadron at the same airfield, until the Royal Auxiliary Air Force was disbanded in March 1957. From January 1959 until September 1961, it was with the Armament Practice School at Sylt, West Germany, towing banner targets for shooting practice. Since 1962 it has been a display aircraft in various markings at Heywood, Finningley, Swinderby and St Athan. From June 1988 until it came to the Museum in May 1996 it was the gate guard at Finningley.


Cllr Alan McCarthy

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