Who Was Living in Heywood in 1880?

1880 was the year that Heywood finally began to stand on its own two feet. For over 600 years it had been no more than a village within the parish of Bury. During the 19th century the village became a hub of industrialised cotton manufacture and the population grew rapidly from a couple of thousand in 1800 to around 25,000 people by 1880. It was during that year that Heywoodites successfully petitioned the Privy Council for the grant of a ‘charter of incorporation’ under the Municipal Corporations Act. Heywood became a municipal borough in early 1881 and the first municipal elections were held.

Parts of Hopwood and Pilsworth (formerly in Middleton parish) had already been added to the township of Heywood in 1879, and Heap was absorbed into the town shortly afterwards. Parts of Norden, Birtle, Unsworth and Bamford were added in 1933. The town remained a municipal borough until 1974.

The following list of about 1,270 names is drawn from Barrett’s Directory of Bury, Heywood, Ramsbottom, Radcliffe, Pilkington and Adjacent Villages and Townships, 1880.

Ackroyd William, bellman, 99 York Street
Acton Mrs Mary Ann, dressmaker, 98 York Street
Ainsworth Joseph, smallware dealer, 63 Bridge Street
Albert New Mill Co., Limited, cotton spinners, Green Lane; John Howorth, manager; Thomas Smith, secretary
Allen Josiah, yeast dealer, 141 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Allen Ellis, butcher, 86 Manchester Street
Allison Ralph, shopkeeper, 108 Hooley Brow
Alston Jabez, boot and shoemaker, 25 Market Street
Alston William, cashier, 7 Benfield Terrace
Ambler William & Co., drapers, 52 and 54 Market Street
Ambler William, bookkeeper, 7 Benfield Street
Anderson Mrs Sarah, vict., Heywood Arms, George Street
Andrews Matthew, draper, 94 Manchester Street
Andrews Samuel, grocer, 47 Queen Street
Andrews William Henry, paper merchant and paper bag manufacturer, Rochdale Road
Armitage William, grocer, 157 York Street
Armstrong Mrs Hannah, shopkeeper, 70 Peel Lane
Arnett David, greengrocer, York Street
Arthur Rev. W. Mclntosh (Independent), Bamford
Ashley Thomas, draper, 88 Bridge Street
Ashton Mrs Alice, shopkeeper, Peel Lane
Ashton George, coal dealer, Yale Street
Ashton George, mill manager, 34 Stanley Street
Ashton George, grocer, 25 Aspinall Street
Ashton Samuel, herbalist, 122 Bridge Street
Ashton William, hairdresser, 93 Manchester Street
Ashworth Edmund, coal and lime merchant, Railway station
Ashworth Mrs Ellen, toy and general dealer, 24 Bridge Street
Ashworth George, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, and grocer, 26 King Street, Hooley Bridge
Ashworth James, mill manager, 143 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Ashworth Henry, coal dealer, Longford Street
Ashworth Hugh, beerhouse, New Market Tavern, 22 Dawson Street
Ashworth Jane, shopkeeper, 26 Walton Street, Hopwood
Ashworth John, confectioner, 6 Manchester Street
Ashworth John, butcher, 12 Manchester Road
Ashworth Rev. John (Baptist), Rochdale Old Road
Ashworth James, bookkeeper, 5 Bury Old Road
Ashworth Joseph, grocer and draper, 62 Bury Street
Ashworth John Edwin, grocer, 34 Tower Street
Ashworth Martin, brick maker, 102 Starkey Street
Ashworth Mrs Mary, grocer, 56 Bridge Street
Ashworth Simeon, brewery manager, Green Lane
Ashworth William, mill manager, Stanley Street; h. Castleton
Ashworth William, eating house, 118 Manchester Street
Ashworth William, cashier and secretary, 121 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Askew Timothy, pawnbroker, 78 and 80 Bridge Street
Askew Mr William, 69 William Street
Aspinall George, blacksmith, Bury Street, and beerhouse, Bridge Inn, 69 Bridge Street
Aspinall James Henry, confectioner, 37 Bury Street
Aspinall John, baker, 3 Peel Lane
Aspinall John, farmer, Hopwood
Aspinall Jonathan, confectioner, 108 Manchester Street
Aspinall & BRoadbent (Mrs Ann), grocers, 151 York Street
Aspinall Robert, blacksmith, 16 Bridge Street
Aspinall (Robert) & Dawson, com and provision dealers, Bury Street
Aspinall (Thomas) & Smith, confectioners, 43 York Street
Astley Lot, toy dealer, 58 Bridge Street
Atkinson James & John, rope and twine manufacturers, Captain fold
Bairstow Abraham, farmer, Summit
Bailey William, earthenware dealer, 12 Benfield Street
Bailey William, herb beer maker, 36 Hardfield Street
Bakewell Edward, shopkeeper, 13 Rochdale Road
Balls Bailey, clogger, 13 Ormrod Street
Banks John, clerk to Local Board, 10 York Street; h. 74 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Banks William, solicitor, 19 Market Place; h. 74 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Bancroft John, greengrocer, 53 Tower Street
Bardsley Samuel, photographer, 125 York Street
Barker John, joiner and builder, and furniture dealer, 45 Bridge Street
Barker Robert, fishmonger, 56 Church Street
Barker William & David, cotton manufacturers, Paved Brow Mill
Barlow Jacob, grocer, 112 Manchester Street
Barlow James, waste dealer and machine broker, 122 Manchester Street; h. 13 Bury New Road
Barlow Miss Mary Ann, Catholic schoolmistress, Dawson Street
Barlow Bobert, ironmonger, 143 York Street
Barlow Mrs Sarah, draper, 61 York Street
Barlow Mrs Sarah, vict., Ship Inn, 67 York Street
Barlow Thomas, provision dealer, 89 York Street
Barlow Thomas, paper merchant and dyers' agent, 8 Bridge Street
Barlow Thomas, assurance agent, 2 Magdala Street, Hopwood
Barnes Burgoine, beerhouse, Mitre Inn, 1 Rochdale Road
Barnes John, chimney sweeper, 11 Manchester Street
Barnes John Henry, draper, 51 Dawson Street
Baron James, painter, 29 Bank Street
Barrett Thomas, coal dealer, 16 Hardfield Street
Barton Abraham, farmer, Heap
Bates John (Bates & Smith); h. 100 York Street
Bates & Smith, coal merchants, Railway station
Bates Thomas, upholsterer, Hind Hill Street
Battersby Richard, corn miller, 88 & 92 York Street
Beckett William, chemist and druggist (post office), 46 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Bell George, grocer and tea dealer, 32 Withington Street, Hopwood
Bell Henry, watch and clock maker, 61 Market Street
Bell James (William Bell & Co.); h. 19 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Bell James, conservative registration agent, 158 Pilsworth Road
Bell John, cotton waste dealer, Broadfield; h. Spring bank
Bell John, joiner (Blakeley & Bell); h. Torrington Street, Hopwood
Bell Richard, bleacher and cotton waste dealer, Derby Street and Longfield Mill
Bell William, assistant overseer, Gooden cottage, Hopwood 
Bell William & Co., coal merchants, Railway station
Belshaw James, cotton and cotton waste dealer, Back York Street; h. 88 Hill Street
Belshaw Miss Martha, shopkeeper, 56 Tower Street
Bennett Rev. William (Unitarian), South View Terrace, Cobden Street
Bentley Mrs Ann, 10 Benfield Street
Bentley John Nuttall, chemist and druggist, 30 Bridge Street
Berry George Henry & Co., cotton spinners and manufacturers, William Street and Bowling Green Mills
Berry Henry, beerhouse, Jolly Carters, 36 Bridge Street
Berry James, carriage builder, Elizabeth Street; h. Brunswick Street
Berry John William (G. H. Berry & Co.); h. Heather Lee, Hopwood
Berry Mr Matthew Frank, Moston House, Starkey Street
Billington Thomas, police inspector, Longford Street Birch Johnson, iron and tinplate worker, 3 Bethel Street
Birch Miss Priscilla, school, Argyle buildings, Market Street
Birtwistle Mr John, 52 Bury Street
Blake David, smallware dealer, 70 Bridge Street
Blake David, greengrocer, 39 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Blakeley & Bell, joiners and builders, Torrington Street, Hopwood
Blakeley David (Blakeley & Bell); h. Cowburn's Lane
Blakeley Mr John, Bury New Road
Blomley Thomas, confectioner, 121 Rochdale Road
Blunt Mr Henry, 1 Peel Lane
Boardman Joseph, bookkeeper, Bradshaw Street
Bogle Robert, chemist and druggist, 53 & 55 Market Street
Bolton Marquis, vict., Lamb Inn, York Street
Bolton James, grocer, 17 Bury Street
Booth Mrs Jane, confectioner, 6 Hornby Street
Booth John, shuttle maker, Broadfield; h. 85 Tower Street
Booth John, confectioner, 5 William Henry Street
Booth Robinson, grocer, 41 Rochdale Road Booth Thomas, farmer, Hopwood
Booth William, secretary to the Cotton Waste Dealers Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Argyle buildings; h. Rose Bank
Booth William, farmer, Hopwood
Boothroyd Walker, hatter, 29 Market Street
Bouchier Samuel, solicitor's clerk, 5 King Street
Bowker Rev. Robert (Baptist), Plumpton Cottage
Bowser Mrs Martha, photographer, 40 Tower Street
Brandwood George, moulder, Elizabeth Street
Bridge Jonathan, sand dealer, 20 Birch Street
Bridge Robert Arthur, spirit merchant and vict., Freemasons' Arms, 17 Market Place
Bridge Mr Thomas, 77 Bridge Street
Bridge Thomas, secretary to the Industrial Co-operative Society, Market Street
Brierley Abraham, foreman wheelwright, 127 York Street
Brierley Edward, hairdresser, 9 Market Place
Brierley Isaac, confectioner, 100 Manchester Street
Brierley James, beerhouse, Woolpack Inn, 15 Birch Street
Brierley James, beerhouse, White Hart, 1 Longford Street
Brierley Joseph, beerhouse, White Horse, 4 Thomas Street, Hopwood
Brierley James, German yeast dealer, 34 Bury Street
Brierley Miss Judith, draper, 53 William Street
Briggs Charles, shopkeeper, 33 Torrington Street, Hopwood
Briggs Walker, bricklayer and builder, Bradshaw Street
British Workmans’ public-house, Market Place
Broadbent John, rate collector, Hind Hill Street
Brocklehurst John Fielding, assurance agent, Manchester Road, Hopwood
Brocklehurst William & Co., cotton manufacturers, Hooley Brow
Bromilow John, brass founder, William Street; h. 13 Benfield Street
Brooks Jas. Seddon, foreman mechanic, 131 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Brooks Mrs Grace, confectioner, 57 Bridge Street
Brooks Miss Sarah, 6 Benfield Street
Brown James, vict., Black Bull, 1 Rochdale Road
Brown Oswin, relieving officer, 11 William Street
Brown Mark, tailor and draper, 31 Market Street
Buckley Benjamin, cotton spinner, Woodfield Mill; h. 52 Dewhurst Street
Buckley Edwin, gasworks manager; h. 20 Bridge Street
Buckley John, grocer and provision dealer, 66 Church Street
Buckley Misses, milliners, Church Street
Buckley Robert, tripe dresser, 72 Church Street
Buckley Samuel, mill manager, Nutfield Terrace, William Street
Buckley Mr Stephen, Walton Street, Hopwood
Buckley W. E. & Co., bleachers and finishers, Pilsworth Bleach works
Burlingharn William, tobacconist, Hooley Bridge
Butler Miss Anna Maria, Heywood High School, 91 & 93 Hall View Terrace, William Street, and Hopwood
Butterworth Mr Daniel, 7 Middleton Road, Hopwood
Butterworth Charles, clothes dealer, 10 Manchester Street
Butterworth James, grocer and tea dealer, 98 Bridge Street
Butterworth James, yarn agent, 46 Hardfield Street
Butterworth John, umbrella maker, 13 York Street
Butterworth John, butcher, 15 Bridge Street
Butterworth John, clog and shoemaker, 110 Manchester Street
Butterworth John, beerhouse, Boiler Makers' Arms, 92 Bury Street
Butterworth Rev. John Compton, B.A., curate in charge, Street Michael's, Bamford
Butterworth John, grocer, 99 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Butterworth Robert, confectioner, 10 Market Place; h. 87 William Street
Butterworth Robert, cashier and secretary, 37 William Street
Butterworth Mrs. Sarah, farmer, Hill Top, Pilsworth
Butterworth Thomas, bookkeeper, 1 Farm Street, Hopwood
Butterworth William, boot and shoemaker, 6 Church Street
Carruthers Mr William, 15 High Street
Castleton Cotton Spinning d Manufacturing Co., Limited, Globe Mill, Green lane; B. Clarkson, manager; William Ashworth, secretary
Cavanagh James, grocer and coal dealer, 8 Manchester Street
Cavanagh John, toy dealer, 95 Manchester Street
Chadwick Alfred, M.D. and surgeon, Moss House, Bamford Road
Chadwick Andrew, tenter hook, nail and chain maker, 65 William Street
Chadwick Mrs Ann, 4 Ashton Street
Chadwick Charles, beerhouse, Engineers' Arms, Aspinall Street
Chadwick Charles, painter and decorator, 7 Dawson Street
Chadwick Charles, tenter hook maker (j.), 61 William Street
Chadwick Miss Dinah, dressmaker, 104 York Street
Chadwick Edward, painter and decorator, Wilton Street
Chadwick & Jacques, joiners and builders, Pine Street
Chadwick James, draper, 87 York Street
Chadwick James, shopkeeper, 39 York Street
Chadwick Mr James M., 40 Bridge Street
Chadwick John, machine broker and cotton waste dealer, 4 Well Street
Chadwick John, monumental mason, Chamber House, Rochdale Road
Chadwick Robert, painter and decorator, 74 Tower Street
Chadwick Robert, tenter hook maker, 37 & 39 Gorton Street
Chadwick Samuel, coal merchant, Railway station; h. 69 Brunswick Street
Chadwick Samuel, jun., coal merchant, Railway station; h. Birch Farm
Chadwick Mrs Sarah, shopkeeper, 103 York Street
Chadwick Thomas, coal agent, 8 Mount Street
Chadwick Mr Thomas, Croft Bank house
Chadwick Walter, machine broker, Brierley Street; h. 81 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Chadwick William (Chadwick & Jacques), and auctioneer and valuer, 51 Market Street
Chatterley Henry, beerhouse, Dog and Partridge, 66 Bury Street
Cheetham C. & S., cotton spinners, Miller's Brook Mill
Cheetham Charles, Esq., J.P., Ryecroft house, Rochdale Road
Cheetham Henry (C. & S. Cheetham); h. Castleton
Chew Mrs Ann, grocer, 135 York Street
Chew William, draper (Wm. Ambler & Co.); h. 36 Tower Street
Chibwell John, builder (Greenhalgh & Chiswell); h. 69 York Street
Clarke Robert, chimney sweeper, 38 Bamford Road
Clarkson Buckley, mill manager, 113 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Clegg Mr Edward, 31 Cromwell Street
Clegg Mrs Elizabeth, grocer, 57 Market Street
Clegg James, drysalter, 8 Manchester Road
Clegg Mr John, 2 Wham Street
Clegg John, traveller, 86 Tower Street
Clegg John & Co., boiler makers, Star Works, Lord Street
Clegg John Thomas, grocer and cotton waste dealer, 137 York Street
Clegg Mrs Mary, 6 Wham Street
Clegg Samuel, coal merchant, Railway station; h. Harefield Cottage, Rochdale Road
Clegg Thomas, tobacconist, 82 Manchester Street

John Clegg & C.., Duke Street. These works opened in
1852 and closed in 1885.

Cocker John, farmer, Uptons, Pilsworth
Cocker Joshua, farmer, Higher Barn, Pilsworth
Cockerill Edward, vict., Dog and Partridge, Rochdale Road, and millwright and machinist, Green Lane, Hopwood
Cockshoot Moses, machine broker, Back York Street; h. 7 Bury Old Road
Coffey Mrs Rachel, draper, 139 York Street
Collinge Mr Adam, 45 Starkey Street
Collinge Mrs Ann, confectioner, Wild Street
Collinge James, greengrocer, 28 Hardfield Street
Collinge Robert, clogger, 49 Manchester Street and Rochdale Road
Collinge Robert, grocer and provision dealer, 71 Langton Street
Collinge Robert, farmer, Hopwood
Collinge William, clogger, 50 Bury Street Collins Mr Adam, Pilsworth Road
Conservative Club, York Street; Charles Butterworth, secretary; Abm. Brown, steward
Cook James, earthenware dealer, 34 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Cook James, tailor, 23 Hornby Street
Cookson Ralph, beerhouse, Royal Oak, York Street
Coomer John, cotton manufacturer (James Tattersall, Sons, & Co.); h. Cheetham Hill, Manchester
Cordall Edward, joiner and builder, Agincourt Street
Cornall Thomas, mill manager, 22 Starkey Street
Cotton Waste Dealers, Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Limited, Argyle buildings, Market Street; William Booth, secretary
Coupe John & Co., cotton spinners and manufacturers, Rose Hill Mill
Crabtree Miss Alice, Berlin wool and fancy repository, 11 Church Street
Crabtree Edward, cotton waste dealer, Hooley brow; h. 74 Moss Terrace
Crabtree Edward, beerhouse, Hopwood House, 47 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Crabtree Edwin, umbrella maker, 9 Church Street
Crabtree Edwin, cotton and cotton waste dealer, Aspinall Street; h. Holly House, Rochdale Road
Crabtree James, wine and spirit merchant, 18 Market Street
Crabtree Mr James, 14 Clay Bank Street
Crabtree Thos., cotton waste dealer, 6 Bamford Road; h. Gorsey Hill
Crank Miss Mary Ann, Foundry Street
Crapon, Brine, & Co., tea dealers, 21 Market Street
Crawshaw Richard, draper, 10 Hornby Street
Cronshaw James, shopkeeper, Heady Hill Street
Crook Mrs Ann, beerhouse, Seven Stars, Tower Street
Cropper James, assurance agent, 55 Hind Hill Street
Cropper Mr John Lancashire, Hind Hill Street
Cropper Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 48 Bury Street
Cross James, coal merchant, Railway Street; h. Bury
Crossley Abraham, sizer (j.), 18 Manchester Road
Crossley Alfred, greengrocer, 96 Manchester Street
Crossley Benjamin Chadwick, teacher of music, Tower Street
Crossley Edward, tripe dresser, 9a Bridge Street
Crossley John & Co., cotton manufacturers, Lane End and Fold Mills; h. Milton house, 3 Cobden Street
Crossley Thomas, reed and heald maker, Promenade Street
Crossley William, shopkeeper, 12 Glegge Street, Hopwood
Cunliffe Mr Edward, 149 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Cunliffe John, bolt maker, Olive Street; h. 35 Gorton Street
Curtis Mrs Hannah, 38 Tower Street
Curtis Mrs Mary Ann, shopkeeper, 29 Manchester Street
Darlington Thomas, painter and decorator, 30 King Street
Davies John, vict., King's Arms, 11 Market Place
Davies John, cooper, 27 Bridge Street
Davies Samuel, vict., Three Arrows, Pilsworth
Davie William, furniture broker, 117 Manchester Street
Dawson Charles, stationer and newsagent, 124 Bridge Street
Dawson Charles Albert, commercial traveller, 1 Cobden Street
Dawson Mrs Hannah, 2 Clay Bank Street
Dawson James, engineer (j.), 9 Railway Street
Dawson James, joiner and builder, Hornby Street
Dawson Mr John, Newfield, Rochdale Old Road
Dawson John Thomas, cotton waste dealer, Fir Street; h. 127 Manchester Street
Dawson Jonathan, grocer (Aspinall & Dawson); h. Bury Street
Dawson Joshua, tripe dresser, 108 Bridge Street
Dawson Joshua, tea dealer, 97 Brunswick Street
Dean Henry, beamer, Manchester Road, Hopwood
Dearden Benjamin, grocer, 6 Lower Todd Street
Dearden John, cotton waste dealer, Rochdale Road; h. 70 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Dearden Joseph, mechanic, 55 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Dearden Samuel, furniture broker, 9 Albert Street
Dearden Thomas, farmer, Hopwood
Derby Mills Cotton Spinning and Manufacturing Co., Limited, William Henry Street; Wm. Todd, managing director
Derbyshire Thomas, basket and skip maker, Garden Street; h. 85 Tower Street
Dewhurst Benjamin, bricklayer (j.), 59 Hind Hill Street
Dewhurst John, bricklayer and builder, 58 Hind Hill Street
Dewsbury Mrs Elizabeth, draper and milliner, 5 Market Street
Diggle Bros., joiners and builders, Bamford Road; and cotton spinners, Broadfield Mill
Diggle Daniel (Diggle Brothers); h. 54 Bamford Road
Diggle David, overlooker, 21 Glegge Street, Hopwood
Diggle Edward (Diggle Brothers); h. 52 Bamford Road
Diggle George (Diggle Brothers); h. 6 Layton Street
Diggle, Hoyle, & Wood, cotton spinners, Railway Street Mill
Diggle James (Diggle Bros.), and waterworks manager, Miller Street; h. The Hollies, Manchester Road, Hopwood
Diggle John, cabinet maker and draper, 35 Market Place, and Bamford Road
Diggle Mr Joseph, Milton Terrace, Green Lane
Diggle Joseph, joiner and builder and grocer, 121 Railway Street
Diggle Joseph, butcher, 8 Church Street
Diggle Mrs Mary, grocer, 86 Bridge Street
Diggle Mrs Rachel, 121 Starkey Street
Diggle Richard (Diggle Bros.); h. Broadfield Terrace, Pilsworth Road
Diggle Wm. (Diggle Bros.); h. The Hollies, Manchester Road, Hopwood
Dixon William, clothes dealer, 39 Bridge Street
Dodgson Charles, assurance agent, 119 Railway Street
Dootson Mr William, 9 Temple Street
Dronet Charles, assurance agent, Stanley Street
Duckworth William, warehouseman, 139 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Duckworth William Henry, coal agent, 82 Hill Street
Duckworth William, greengrocer, 17 Ormrod Street
Duerr Frank, leather dresser, Rochdale Road
Dunn David, park keeper, Queen's Park
Dutson Frank, draper and milliner, 98 Manchester Street
Dutson John, shopkeeper, Middleton Road, Hopwood
Dutson William, coal dealer, 88 Hardfield Street
Eastwood Abraham, cotton waste dealer, 31 York Street
Eastwood Mrs Alice, shopkeeper, 107 York Street
Eatough Alfred, fruiterer and greengrocer, 86 Bury Street
Eckersley Eli, fent dealer, 41 Market Street
Eckersley John, beerhouse, Church Tavern, 23 Wilton Street
Eckersley Thomas, confectioner, 1 Hampden Street
Edelston Mr Richard, Highfield house, Hopwood
Edwards Henry, butcher, 38 Manchester Street
Ellerbeck Thomas, vict., Wilton Arms Hotel, Pilsworth Road
Elliott Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 40 Marlborough Street, Hopwood
Elmes Mrs Alice, shopkeeper, 28 Back Rochdale Road
Elton Henry (Exors. of), grocers and provision dealers, 27 Market Place
Emmett James, grocer and smallware dealer, 31 Cobden Street
Entwistle James, vict., Oddfellows' Arms, Peel Lane
Entwistle Luke, baker, 9 Hardfield Street
Eubanks Misses Harriet and Georgiana, Street James' Terrace
Evans Robert, tripe dealer, 116 Hooley Brow
Fairbrother Edgar, assurance agent, 33 William Street
Fairbrother George, registrar of births, deaths and marriages, 116 Manchester Street
Fairbrother Henry, grocer, 33 William Street
Fairbrother Mr Thomas, 1 Street James' Grove
Fallows Ann, beerhouse, Gardeners' Arms, Birch
Farrow John Thomas, hairdresser, 7 Church Street
Fearn Edward, overlooker, Manchester Road, Hopwood
Fearnley Alfred, grocer and provision dealer, 11 Market Street, and 7a Rochdale Road
Feeney John, tailor, 126 Bridge Street
Fell John, mill manager, 67 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Fell Thomas, tobacconist, 92 Manchester Street
Fenton James, Esq., Hazlehurst, Bamford
Fenton John, cabinet maker, 64 Market Street
Fenton Joseph, Esq., Bamford Hall
Fenton Samuel, ironmonger and furniture broker, 11 York Street
Fenton Thomas & Co., cotton waste dealers, 45 Church Street; h. 155 York Street
Fielden Mrs Elizabeth, grocer and confectioner, 6 Manchester Road
Firth Sutcliffe, reel rib maker, 90 Hill Street
Fitton Mrs Ann, beerhouse, Albion Hotel, Ashton Street
Fitton Andrew, farmer, Moor edge, Bamford
Fitton Mrs Betty, confectioner, 17 Rochdale Road
Fitton Edmund, farmer, Gooden farm, Hopwood
Fitton John, grocer, 6 Cobden Street
Fitton Joseph, watchmaker and jeweller, 37 and 39 Market Street
Fitton Mrs Maria, butcher and eating house, 52 Bridge Street
Fitton Robert, farmer, Top o'th' moor, Hopwood
Fitton Mrs Sarah, vict., Navigation Inn, 135 Manchester Street
Fletcher Abraham, boot and shoemaker, North Street
Fletcher Elijah, brick maker, Broadfield; h. 160 Pilsworth Road
Fletcher Mr Edmund, 12 Penn Street
Fletcher Mrs Hannah, earthenware dealer, 105 York Street
Fletcher James, joiner and builder, Bridge Street Saw Mills
Fletcher John, manufacturing chemist and glue manufacturer, Broadfield Chemical works; h. The Poplars
Fletcher Joseph, moulder, 8 York Street
Fletcher Thomas, pavior, 21 Albert Street
Fletcher Thomas & Sons, coal proprietors, Railway station; Thomas Siddall, agent
Fletcher Walker, bricklayer and builder, 11 Broadfield Terrace, Pilsworth Road
Fold Mill Spinning Co., Limited, cotton spinners, Market Street; James Meadowcroft, manager
Foster Acquilla, carter, 11 Peel Lane
Fothergill Rev. William Henry (Independent), The Park
Foulds (Martha) & Hardman, drapers and milliners, 42 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Fowles Joseph, ironmonger and plumber, 15 Hornby Street
Fox James, shopkeeper, 1 Gorton Street
Free Public Library, Argyle buildings, Market Street; James Leach, librarian
Froggatt Richard, ironmonger, 62 Market Street
Gardner Henry, joiner and builder, Broadfield; h. Agincourt Street
Gartside John, clog and shoemaker, 46 Bridge Street
Gas Works, Hooley brow; Edwin Buckley, manager
Gee Miss Ann, St James's Place, Tower Street
Gee Mr Edward, 73 William Street
Gee Mrs Mary, butcher, 112a Bridge Street
Gee Ralph, beerhouse, Gardeners' Arms, 12 Bridge Street
Gee Mr Ralph, 131 Manchester Street
Gee Mrs Sarah, butcher, 27 Market Street
Gerrard Miss Ellen, shopkeeper, 19 St James' Street
Gerrard John, farmer, Heap fold
Gerrard William, blacksmith and ironmonger, 44 and 53 Manchester Street
Gibson Greenwood, schoolmaster, 93 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Gilbody William, tripe dealer, 45 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Glazebrook Amos, boot and shoemaker, 22 Bury New Road
Glazebrook David, leather dealer, 17 York Street
Glazebrook Mrs Hannah, 75 York Street
Gleave John & Co., cotton manufacturers, Princess Mill, Hopwood; h. 137 Manchester Road
Glover Mr Joshua, 48 Middleton Road, Hopwood
Goddard Mrs Ann, register office for servants, 22 Brunswick Street
Goddard Samuel H., coal agent and grocer, 21 Tower Street
Gooden Mills Spinning Co., Limited; James Taylor, manager
Gorst Eliza & Ann, drapers and confectioners, 48 Gregge Street, Hopwood
Gorton James, painter and decorator, 67 Church Street
Gorton John, butcher, York Street
Gorton Richard, rope and twine manufacturer, Aspinall Street
Gott Alfred, joiner and cabinet maker, 110 Bridge Street
Graves George, confectioner, 30 Market Place
Greaves Frederick, cashier and secretary, Cowburn Lane
Greaves Tom, grocer and provision dealer, 24 Manchester Street
Greenhalgh Benjamin, mechanic, 41 Starkey Street
Greenhalgh Mr Edmund, 23 Starkey Street
Greenhalgh Edwin, tailor and draper, 21 Market Place
Greenhalgh Mrs Elizabeth, 82 Bridge Street
Greenhalgh Handel, tailor and draper, 68 Bury Street
Greenhalgh John Richard, joiner and builder, Gooden Street, Hopwood
Greenhalgh Mrs Mary, wheelwright and smith, 32 Mount Street
Greenhalgh Mrs Mary, draper, 21 Rochdale Road
Greenhalgh (Robert) & Chiswell, joiners & builders, Mount Street
Greenwood James, confectioner, 52 Bury Street
Greenwood Robert, cab proprietor, 16 Market Street
Greenwood Thomas, bobbin manufacturer, Longford Street
Gregson Joseph, coal merchant (Smith & Gregson); h. Cowburn Lane
Griffiths Edwin, vict., Queen Anne, 36 Market Place
Grindrod Alfred, manager, 36 Cartridge Street
Grindrod & Co., Limited, cotton spinners, John Street Mill
Grindrod George, shopkeeper, 74 Bridge Street
Grindrod James, glass, china, and earthenware dealer, 48 Bridge Street
Grindrod John, iron and tinplate worker, 33 Brunswick Street
Grundy Mrs Ada, Springfield
Grundy T Mr Robert, 57 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Grundy T.A. & J. & Co., solicitors, Fox Street and Bury
Hall Ann & Ellen, grocers and confectioners, 15 Manchester Road, Hopwood Hall
James Gaukroger, hair dresser, 24 York Street
Hall John Thomas, grocer, 98 Pilsworth Road
Hall Samuel, farmer, Wicken bank, Hopwood
Hamer James, iron and tinplate worker, 23 & 25 Bridge Street
Hamer John, painter (j.), 68 Church Street
Hamilton William, manager of the Union Bank, 2 Church Street
Hammond Vincent, shoemaker, 11 Withington Street, Hopwood
Hancock Mr Robert, 16 Dawson Street
Hanson Mrs Mary, shroud maker, Pilsworth Road
Hanson Mr Thomas, Withington Street, Hopwood
Hardman Adam, cotton waste dealer, Fir Street; h. Bradshaw Street
Hardman Alfred, machine broker, Back York Street; h. 60 Hill Street
Hardman Isaac, clogger, Thomas Street, Hopwood
Hardman James, glass, china, and earthenware dealer, 9 York Street
Hardman James, draper (Foulds & Hardman); h. 42 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Hardman Robert, scrap iron dealer, Agincourt Street
Hardman Samuel, boot and shoemaker, 113 Manchester Road
Hargreaves James (John Hargreaves & Son); h. Gooden house, Hopwood
Hargreaves John (John Hargreaves & Son); h. 68 Manchester Street
Hargreaves John & Son, cotton spinners and manufacturers, Hey Mill
Hargreaves Samuel, cotton waste dealer, Springfield cottage, Aspinall Street
Harrison Edmund, grocer and confectioner, Stanley Street
Harrison Henry, mill manager, 29 Church Street
Harrison John, shopkeeper, 61 Withington Street, Hopwood
Harrison Samuel, greengrocer, 101 York Street
Hart William Henry, painter, 65 Starkey Street
Hart Michael, boot and shoemaker, 62 York Street
Hartington Joseph, shopkeeper, 62 Rochdale Road
Hartley Edmund, vict., Britannia Hotel, 100 Bridge Street
Hartley Mrs Esther Ann, Simpson House
Hartley Mr James Sutcliffe, Yale cottage
Hartley Thomas B. (William Hartley & Sons); h. Roeacre House
Hartley Mrs Martha, Meadow bank, Rochdale Road
Hartley William, vict., Victoria Hotel, Church Street
Hartley William, jun. (William Hartley & Sons); h. Orchard house
Hartley William, Esq., J.P. (William Hartley & Sons); h. Simpson Hill
Hartley William & Sons, cotton spinners and manufacturers, Roe Acre Mill
Harwood Mrs Ann, shopkeeper, 71 Bridge Street
Harwood John, farmer, Highfield, Pilsworth
Harwood Thomas, farmer, Moor, Pilsworth
Harwood Thomas, cotton spinner, Broadfield Mill; h. 78 Bridge Street
Haw George, house painter, 4 York Street
Haw Mrs Mary, milliner, 4 York Street
Haworth James, manager, Ingram Lane
Haworth Mr John, 32 Bury New Road
Haworth Mr Jesse, 4 Peel Lane
Healey Bros., rope and twine manufacturers, Cartridge Steam ropery, Wesley Street
Healey David (Healey Bros.); h. Hill Street
Healey John (Healey Bros.); h. Coomassie Street
Healey William, jun. (Healey Bros.); h. Brunswick Street
Heap Mrs Mary Ellen, clothier, 49 Dawson Street
Heaton Edward, boot and shoemaker, 28 Market Place; h. Moss House, Bamford Road
Helliwell George, butcher, Bamford Road
Hennesy Thomas, tailor, 43 Langton Street
Heys Mr William, 77 William Street
Heywood Advertiser Office, 48 Church Street; Wm. A. Scott, publisher
Heywood Billiard Club, Taylor Street
Heywood Bookselling Co., booksellers and stationers, 6 Market Street
Heywood Edward Wrigley, professor of music and music seller, 7 Market Place
Heywood Hall Bowling Club, Limited, William Street; Thomas Wolstenholme, secretary
Heywood Industrial Co-operative Society, Limited, grocers, drapers, doggers, butchers, &c., central stores, Market Street; Jas. Howard, manager; Thomas Bridge, secretary; coal merchants, Railway Street; W. H. Duckworth, agent
Heywood James, bookseller and stationer, 33 York Street
Heywood John, printer and stationer and postmaster, 5 Market Street
Heywood John, vict., Brunswick Hotel, 17 Bridge Street
Heywood Joseph, public accountant, 20 York Street
Heywood Land, Building, and Investment Association, Limited, 43 Church Street; William Bell, secretary
Heywood Mark, painter and decorator, 10 Church Street
Heywood Robert, file and steel merchant, Wild Street; h. 18 Starkey Street
Heywood Samuel, coal merchant, Railway Street; h. 83 William Street
Heywood Samuel, filter maker, Cromwell Street
Heywood Miss Sarah Ellen, clogger, 50 Church Street
Heywood Spinning Co., Limited, cotton spinners, Perseverance Mill; James Haworth, manager; F. Greaves, secretary
Heywood Thomas, joiner, 13 Promenade Street
Heywood Standard Office, 20 Market Place; Tetlow & Stubbs, publishers
Heywood Waterworks Office, Miller Street; James Diggle, manager
Heywood William, rope and twine manufacturer, 115 Rochdale Road
Heywood William, overlooker, 55 Starkey Street
Heyworth Frank, hatter and clothier, 78 Church Street
Heyworth Henry, skin works manager, 81 William Street
Higson John Richard, saddler and harness maker, 16 Market Place
Hill Miss Betsy, milliner, 22 King Street
Hill Samuel, foreman boiler maker, 71 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Hill Thomas & Sons, engineers and boiler makers, Victoria Iron Works, Hall Street
Hill Mr Thomas Caleb, St James' Grove
Hillery Sergeant Samuel, drill instructor, Longford Street
Hilton Samuel, beerhouse, Spread Eagle, 90 Manchester Street
Hilton Thomas, hairdresser, 54 Bridge Street
Hindle Miss Nancy, draper, 28 Rochdale Road
Hindley John, beerhouse, Hark up to Towler, Bury New Road
Hirst Mrs Ann, shopkeeper, 2 Walton Street, Hopwood
Hitchon Rev. George (Baptist), 85 William Street
Hobson George Robert, grocer, 9 Peel Lane
Hobson Joseph, ginger beer maker, 19 Bury Street
Hobson Mrs Maria, milliner, 35 Starkey Street
Hodgkinson Christopher, millwright (j.), 21 Hornby Street
Hodgkinson Goorge Norris, cotton spinner, Hope Mill, Hopwood; h. Hope cottage
Hodgson Fred, joiner and builder, Seymour Street,
Hodgson John, baby linen dealer, 2 York Street
Hodson Thomas, bookkeeper, 69 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Holden Emmanuel, shopkeeper, 14 Manchester Road
Holden Mrs Elizabeth, 51 Bridge Street
Holden James, wood turner, 1 Langton Street
Holden John, farmer, Green Lane, Hopwood
Hollinrake Abraham, overlooker, 30 Hampden Street
Hollinrake Bros., coal merchants, Railway station
Hollinrake James (Hollinrake Bros.); h. 19 Hampden Street
Hollows & Wild, coal merchants, Railway Street
Holroyd Mrs Sarah, baker, 44 Church Street
Holt Mrs Alice, greengrocer, 121 Manchester Street
Holt Edward, confectioner, 76 Bridge Street
Holt George, beerhouse, Dressers' Arms, 1 Dawson Street
Holt James, surgeon dentist, 103 Manchester Street
Holt James, cashier and secretary, Tower Street
Holt John, butcher, 28 King Street
Holt John, greengrocer, 71 York Street
Holt Mrs Nancy, 76 York Street
Holt Samuel, farmer, Hopwood
Holt Thomas, waste dealer, Roe Acre Mill; h. Green Lane, Hopwood
Holt William, farmer, Hopwood
Holt William, farmer, Hare's Hill
Hopwood Captain Edward John Gregge, Hopwood Hall
Horrocks (Elizabeth) & Ashton (Jane), drapers and milliners, 6a Manchester Road
Horrocks George, hair dresser, 4 Market Place
Horrocks George, joiner and builder, 16 William Street
Horrocks Handel, coal dealer, Heady Hill
Horrocks Mrs Mary, teacher of music, 37 Starkey Street
Horrox Mr Jesse, Middleton Road, Hopwood
Hothersall Rev. James (Catholic), Dawson Street
Hotine John, fishmonger and game dealer, 20 Market Street
Howard James, tripe dealer, 113 York Street
Howard James, co-operative stores manager, St James' Place
Howard William, butcher, 118 Bridge Street
Howarth Aaron, smith and farrier, Mount Street
Howarth Edward, farmer, Hopwood
Howarth Edward, shopkeeper, 44 and 46 Bury Street
Howarth Mrs Elizabeth, boot and shoemaker, 61 Manchester Street
Howarth James, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 21 York Street
Howarth James William, shopkeeper, 31 Brunswick Street
Howarth John, brush manufacturer, 13 Market Place
Howarth John, grocer and beerseller, 55 York Street
Howarth John, beerhouse, Staff of Life, 28 Manchester Street
Howarth John, shopkeeper, 80 Tower Street
Howarth Nathaniel, coal dealer, 1 Daisy Street
Howarth Robert, assistant overseer, 65 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Howarth Samuel & Sons, corn millers, Old Corn Mill, St James' Street
Howarth Thomas, shopkeeper and carrier, 61 Hill Street, Hopwood
Howarth William, butcher, 67 Market Street
Howarth William, bleacher and dyer, Globe works, Heady Hill, and grocer, Bury New Road
Howe Mrs Elizabeth, Harwood Park
Howe Mrs Mary Ann, vict., Stonemasons' Arms, 70 Bury Street
Howorth John, mill manager, 99 William Street
Hoyle Mr Jeffrey, Milton Terrace, Green Lane
Hoyle Richard, clothes dealer, 25 Hornby Street
Hoyle Samuel, farmer, and vict., Royal George, Union Street
Hoyle William, farmer, Heap
Hulme Alfred, schoolmaster, St James' Terrace
Hulme John, leather dealer, 42 York Street
Hulme Thomas, farmer, Jackson Fold, Pilsworth
Ingham Alfred, yeast importer, 17 Cromwell Street
Ingham James, butcher, 106 Manchester Street
Ingham James, confectioner, 37 Derby Street
Ingham James, yeast importer, 21 Cromwell Street
Ingham John, tobacconist, 45 York Street
Ingham William, iron dresser, 73 Starkey Street
Ireland James, vict., Commercial Inn, 29 Bridge Street
Isherwood Thomas, cotton spinner, Foundry Street Mill, and cotton waste dealer, Ormrod Street; h. Springfield house, Hopwood
Jackson Mrs Grace, shopkeeper, 93 York Street
Jackson James, grocer, 25 Bury Street Jackson
John, vict., Bird i'th' Hand, Rochdale Old Road
Jackson Richard Kay, wheelwright, Wood Street
Jackson Samuel, draper, 7 Rochdale Road
Jackson Mr Thomas, Wood Street
Jacques David, roller coverer (j.), 3 Railway Street
Jacques Jervis, builder (Chadwick & Jacques); h. Pine Street
Jameson Frederick Bland, mill manager, Roach Place
Jameson George Herbert, M.D. and surgeon, 36 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Jameson Joseph, gentleman, Heywood Hall
Jameson William, surgeon, 123 York Street
Jay Mr Herbert, 44 Bridge Street
Jeffries Edward, greengrocer, 60 York Street
Job Mr John Samuel, Netherton
Johnson Benjamin, goods agent, Railway station
Johnson George, saddler and harness maker, 63 Manchester Street
Johnson Thomas, vict., Grapes Inn, Peel Lane
Jones John, confectioner and greengrocer, 14 Market Place
Jones Rev. John Edmund (Primitive Methodist), 88 Bury Street
Jones, Son & Faulkner, cotton spinners, Schofield Street and Albert Mills
Kay Miss Ellen, draper, 37 Bridge Street
Kay John, tailor and draper, Bank house, York Street
Kay John, farmer, Hopwood
Kay John, joiner, builder, and grocer, 19 & 21 Wilton Street
Kay Moses, farmer, Meadowcroft, Pilsworth
Kay Richard, Esq., J.P. (Richard Kay & Bros.); h. Harefield
Kay Richard & Bros., cotton spinners, Peel Street Mills
Kay Samuel & Son (William), joiners and cabinet makers, 3 Rochdale Road
Kay William H. (Richard Kay & Bros.); h. Mayfield
Kay William, draper, 106 Bridge Street
Kent Mrs Alice, dressmaker, 44 Stanley Street
Kent George Henry, printer and stationer, 26 York Street
Kenyon Mr Henry, 123 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Kenyon James & Son, woollen manufacturers, Clough Mill and Bury
Kershaw Mrs Caroline, shopkeeper, 35 Ormrod Street
Kershaw Charles, draper, 45 Market Street
Kershaw Edward, grocer, Green Lane
Kershaw James, beerhouse, Church Inn, 1 Market Place
Kershaw James, bookkeeper, 67 William Street
Kershaw John, Esq., Heap Cottage
Kershaw John, ironmonger, whitesmith and plumber and glazier, 86 & 38 Market Street
Kershaw John, bookkeeper, 6 Starkey Street
Kershaw John, draper, 36 Market Street
Kershaw Reuben, assurance agent, 29 Hornby Street
Kershaw William Henry, assistant ironmonger, Nutfield Terrace, William Street
King Charles, schoolmaster, St James' Terrace
Knight Thomas, gentleman, Beech House, Hopwood
Knott Ishmael, clock dealer, Brook Street
Knowles Andrew & Sons, coal proprietors, Railway station; James Millett, agent Lancashire & Yorkshire Waggon Co., Limited, Green Lane; Thomas Taylor, secretary
Lawton James, grocer and provision dealer, 86 & 88 Church Street, and 52 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Lawton James, grocer and provision dealer, 19 York Street
Leach Mrs Alice, Rochdale Road
Leach Miss Elizabeth, schoolmistress, Rochdale Road
Leach Mrs Ellen, dressmaker, 14 Benfield Street
Leach James, librarian and grocer, 118 Hooley Brow
Leach John, steward Reform Club, Longford Street
Leach John, shopkeeper, 57 Church Street
Leach Robert, surveyor to Local Board, and grocer, Rochdale Road
Leach Robert, butcher, 65 Church Street
Leach Samuel, florist and seedsman, Orchard Cottage, Hooley Bridge
Leach Simon, confectioner, 50 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Leach Thomas, chapel keeper, 70 Aspinall Street
Leak John, butcher, Hooley Bridge
Lee Clement, butcher, 92 & 94 Bridge Street
Lee Edmund, butcher, 2 Withington Street, Hopwood
Lee Emmanuel, bill poster, West Street
Lee James, sewing machine agent, 57 York Street
Lee Joseph, shopkeeper, 110 Hooley Brow
Lee Robert, grocer, 68 Hill Street
Lee Thomas, butcher, 32 Rochdale Road
Lees William, solicitor (Weston, Grover & Lees); h. Egerton Villa, Hopwood
Leigh John, greengrocer and hay and straw dealer, 40 Market Street
Lennon Thomas D., L.R.C.S.I., surgeon, 87 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Lever Mrs Ann, milliner, 48 Market Street
Lever James, grocer and provision dealer, 44 & 46 Market Street
Lilley Rev. William Osborne (Methodist Free Church), Gorsey house
Lindsay Thomas, farmer, Cat Hole, Pilsworth
Litherland Mrs Catherine, 9 Benfield Street
Litton Mrs Alice, 22 Rochdale Lane
Litton Silvester & Co., fellmongers, Bradshaw Street
Livsey Ann & Esther, drapers and milliners, 10 Manchester Road
Livsey James, beerhouse, Minders' Arms, 15 Victoria Street, Hopwood
Livsey John, shopkeeper, 37 Hill Street
Livsey John, coal merchant, Railway station; h. Hindhill house
Livsey Joseph, grocer, 104 Bridge Street
Livsey Richard, shopkeeper, Union Street, Heady Hill
Livsey Robert, shopkeeper, 28 Gooden Street, Hopwood
Livsey Robert, cop tube maker (O'Neill & Livsey); h. Isherwood Street, Hopwood
Livsey Thomas, beerhouse, Joiners' Arms, 16 Hornby Street
Livsey William, shopkeeper, 79 Brunswick Street
Local Board Offices, 10 York Street; John Banks, clerk; John Leach, surveyor; John BRoadbent, Jesse Taylor, and George Townend, collectors

This building was home to the Mechanic's Institute until 1884,
when the new Heywood Council took it over and it became the
Municipal Buildings, 
serving as the town hall (M. Cain).

Lockhead Miss Jennett, teacher of music, 65 Starkey Street
London & Counties Tea Co., tea dealers, 29 Market Place; William Webster, manager
Lord David, baker and grocer, 38 Bridge Street
Lord Edmund, overlooker, 145 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Lord Edward, lath render, Manchester Street; h. Middleton Road
Lord Grace, shopkeeper, 63 Bamford Road
Lord James, coal merchant, Railway Street; h. 28 Hampden Street
Lord Mrs Miriam, shopkeeper, 1 Withington Street, Hopwood
Lord Samuel, vict., Plough and Horses, Marland
Lord Thomas, hair dresser, 32 Manchester Street
Lord Thomas, cotton manufacturer (John Coupe & Co.); h. 16 Rose Hill Street
Lord William, coal merchant, Railway Street; h. Hartley Street
Lowe George, bricklayer and builder, 61 Hind Hill Street
Ludlam Thomas, nuisance inspector, Top of Heap
Lund Enoch (John Lund & Sons); h. 30 Tower Street
Lund Rev. Geo. Oswald (Independent), 89 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Lund John & Sons, cotton spinners, Paved Brow Mill
Lund Jonathan (John Lund & Sons); h. Peel Street
Lund Lawrence (John Lund & Sons); h. Peel Street
Mackison Thomas F., cotton manufacturer (James Tattersall, Sons, & Co.); h. Bamford
McCann Rev. Arthur S. (Catholic), Dawson Street
McCowan Daniel, grocer, 54 Church Street
McCall James, grocer's assistant, King Street
McCraith Mrs Esther, grocer, 63 York Street
McCraith John, file maker, York Street
McFarlane William, dyer, 51 and 53 Miller Street
McNally Thos., fish dealer and greengrocer, Torrington Street, Hopwood
McWhinnie John, tailor and draper, 153 York Street
Maddox Rev. John Mortimer, M.A., curate of St James', Rose bank
Maden Clough, draper (Mason & Maden); h. 1 Pitt Street
Maden John, farmer, Hopwood
Maden John, clog and shoemaker, 19 Middleton Road, Hopwood
Manchester & Liverpool District Bank (branch), 4 Market Street; John C. Sharp, manager
Manock Edmund, ironmonger and mill furnisher, 22 Bridge Street
Manock Mr Richard, 55 Wilton Street
Manock Mr William, 56 Brook Street
Marlor David, paper dealer and brick maker, Cobden House, Hornby Street
Marsden John James, wheelwright, Bradshaw Street
Marsh James, nail maker, Heady Hill
Marsh John, earthenware and marine store dealer, 115 Manchester Street
Marsh Robert, tripe dealer, 4 Bridge Street
Mason Edward & Co., cotton spinners, Lane End Mill
Mason John, mechanic, Coomassie Street
Mason John, pork butcher, 59 York Street
Mason Joseph (Mason & Maden); h. St James' Terrace
Mason & Maden, drapers, 25 Market Place and 7 Bridge Street
Mason Mark, pork butcher, 6 Middleton Road, Hopwood
Massey David, butcher, 3 Walton Street, Hopwood
Matthew Samuel, tailor and draper, 57 Manchester Street
Matthews Miss Grace, grocer, 21 Bamford Road
Mayall James, grocer, 64 Bridge Street
Mayall Samuel, cotton spinner, Gooden Lane Mill; h. Lees
Meadowcroft James, mill manager and grocer, 133 Starkey Street
Meadowcroft John, pawnbroker, 91 York Street
Meadowcroft John, mill manager, 4 Hampden Street
Meadowcroft Joseph, shopkeeper, Brunswick Street
Meadowcroft Richard & Co., cotton waste dealers, Bradshaw Street
Meadowcroft Robert (Richard Meadowcroft & Co.); h. Bradshaw Street
Meadowcroft William Herbert, salesman, 133 Starkey Street
Meadowcroft William, coal dealer, 43 Bridge Street
Mellalieu Robert, bookseller and stationer, 48 Church Street
Mellor Jonathan & John James, cotton spinners, Brook Mill
Mellor Joseph, earthenware dealer, Garden Street
Meredith Miss Elizabeth, 73 York Street
Meredith Frederick, draper, 9 Market Street
Meredith Thomas, tailor (j.), 71 Starkey Street
Merryweather Mr Jonathan, Manchester Road, Hopwood
Metcalf Mrs Jane, pork butcher, 119 York Street
Metcalf Joseph, vict., Duke of Wellington, 2 & 4 Manchester Street
Midgley Amos, grocer, 83 York Street
Millett James, agent for A. Knowles & Sons, Limited; h. 24 Hill Street
Mills Abel, compositor, 45 William Street
Mills Benjamin, machine broker, Back York Street; h. 67 Starkey Street
Mills Daniel (P. & D. Mills); h. 49 York Street
Mills Miss Dinah, 69 Starkey Street
Mills Frederick (F. & D. Mills); h. 51 York Street
Mills F. & D., iron and brass founders and machinists, Star Works, Back York Street
Mills James, ironfounder and millwright, Moss foundry; h. Moss Cottage, 1 Starkey Street
Mills James Edward, architect, King Street
Mills James, bookkeeper, Bridge Street
Mills Jimmey, beerhouse, Friendship Inn, 59 Manchester Street
Mills John, butcher, 42 Church Street
Mills Johnson & George, ironfounders, Longford Street
Mills Miss Mary Ann, South View Terrace, Cobden Street
Mills Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 63 Market Street
Mills William, shopkeeper, Tower Street
Mills William H., chemist and druggist, 1 Market Street
Milne Edward, school attendance officer, 51 William Street
Mitchell John, Liberal registration agent, Hooley Brow
Moore Joseph, shopkeeper, Hind Hill Street
Morris James, pawnbroker, 120 Bridge Street
Morris John, farmer, Captain's, Pilsworth
Morris Jos., cotton spinner (Edward Mason & Co.); h. St James' Terrace
Morris Thomas, cotton spinner (Edward Mason & Co.); h. Gorsey hill
Morris Thomas, farmer, Yew Tree, Heap
Moses H. E. & M., fustian manufacturers, Fountain Mill
Mowe Henry, watch and clock maker, 32 Bridge Street
Mulineaux Miss Margaret, draper, 23 Bury Street
Murphy William, monumental mason, 58 Miller Street
Nelicker Carl, hair dresser, 40 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Nelson William, cashier and secretary, Marlborough Street, Hopwood
Nichol Henry, confectioner, 34 Market Place
Nicholson Maden, furniture broker, 50 Bridge Street
Noble William, ginger beer manufacturer, Back Rochdale Road
Norcross James, bobbin turner, Brook Street
Norris Brothers, cotton spinners and manufacturers, Well Meadow Mill
Nuttall Mr Benjamin, 66 Tower Street
Nuttall Edmund, farmer, Lower Broadfield
Nuttall Miss Emily, Double Row
Nuttall George, farmer, Stannicliffe hall, Hopwood
Nuttall James, coal merchant, Railway Street; h. Bamford
Nuttall Robert, chemist and druggist, 102 Bridge Street
Nuttall Thomas, farmer, Coal Pits, Pilsworth
Nuttall William, farmer, Lomax Farm, Pilsworth
Nuttall Mr Thomas, 64 Tower Street
Oakes Mrs Frances, dressmaker, 7 Railway Street
Oddie John, joiner and cabinet maker, 30 Tower Street
Ogden Abraham, furniture dealer, Charlestown
Ogden Mrs Ann, draper, 29 York Street
Ogden James, greengrocer, 6 John Street
Ogden Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 81 York Street
Ogden Levi, coal and provision dealer, 18 Mount Street
Ogden Samuel, gentleman, Moor house, Hopwood
Ogden William Abraham, shopman, Cobden Street
Oldridge Edward, joiner and builder, Hindhill house
O'Neill (Samuel) & Livsey, paper cop tube manufacturers, Isherwood Street, Hopwood
Openshaw Mrs Charlotte, 14 Benfield Street
Openshaw Joseph, coal agent, Peel Lane
Oram Thomas & Sons, woollen manufacturers, Simpson Clough Mills
Ormerod James, beerhouse, Robin Hood, 44 Bridge Street
Ormerod Peter, coal merchant, Railway station; h. Shaw
Orton Samuel Allinson, solicitor, Market Place; h. 70 Manchester Street
Owen Ewen, greengrocer, 41 Bridge Street
Owen Humphrey, grocer, 58 Church Street
Owen William, greengrocer, 60 Tower Street
Park Street Cotton Spinning Co., Limited, cotton spinners and doublers; John Fell, manager; William Nelson, secretary
Parker Thomas Williamson, joiner and builder, 85 Wilton Street
Parker William, draper, 2 Middleton Road, Hopwood
Parkin Robert, assurance agent, 18 Dawson Street
Parkington Thomas, farmer, Hopwood
Parr Hugh, draper, 59 York Street
Partington Aaron, painter and slater, 40 William Street
Partington Mr Adam, 11 Torrington Street, Hopwood
Partington Amelia, beerhouse, Hare and Hounds, 24 Green Lane
Partington Harold, artist, 2 Market Place
Partington Miss Harriet, dressmaker, 53 Hind Hill Street
Partington John, cotton waste dealer, Mount Street; h. 27 Hornby Street
Partington John, dentist, 121 York Street
Partington Mrs Mary, grocer, 19 Hornby Street
Partington Moses Gee, shopkeeper, 69 Manchester Street
Partington Richard, farmer, Higher Broadfield
Partington Samuel, cotton waste dealer, Rock Street; h. 91 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Partington Mr Tom, Milton Terrace, Green Lane
Pass Bichard, manager of refreshment rooms, 8 Market Place
Pearson Benoni, schoolmaster, 95 William Street
Pearson Henry, house agent, 3 Middleton Road, Hopwood
Pearson Henry, shopkeeper, 24 Leopold Street, Hopwood
Pearson J. & S., cane and willow skip manufacturers, Bradshaw Street
Pearson James (J. & S. Pearson); h. Bradshaw Street
Pearson John, clerk, 16 Clay Bank Street
Pearson William, cotton spinner, Albion Mill; h. Birch house, Hopwood
Peers William, beerhouse, Gooden Inn, 104 Manchester Street
Pemberton Mrs Martha, draper, 110 York Street
Petty & Stott, cotton doublers and manufacturers, Mills Street Mill
Phoenix Bowling Green, Shepherd Street
Phoenix Brewery Co., Limited, ale and porter brewers, Green Lane; Simeon Ashworth, secretary
Pickford James Warren, surgeon, 66 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Pickop Bev. James, B.A., curate of St Luke's, William Street
Pickup George, grocer, 48 Schofield Street
Pilkington Matthew, machine broker, 33 Church Street
Pinder Joseph, farmer, Bamford Hall
Pollitt George, hairdresser, 18 Bridge Street
Pollitt Henry, beerhouse, Tanners' Tavern, 23 Rochdale Road
Pollitt Mrs Maria M., King Street
Pollitt Mrs Rachel, beerhouse, Beehive Inn, 10 Leigh Street
Pollitt William, joiner and builder, 85 York Street
Pollitt William, chemical manufacturer, 12 Hornby Street
Pomfret George, clogger, 84 Bridge Street
Popple Thomas, accountant and assurance agent, St James’ Place, Tower Street
Porritt Samuel & Sons, woollen manufacturers, Bamford Mills
Porter Mrs Betty, 16 Manchester Road
Porter Robert (Executrix of late), ironmonger, plumber, and tinplate worker, 16 Manchester Road
Pownall Ralph, joiner and builder and timber merchant, Starkey Street and Langton Street
Pownall Thomas, joiner (j.), Ill Manchester Road, Hopwood
Priestley John, herbalist, 4 Manchester Road
Queen's Park, William Street; David Dunn, park keeper
Quick Mrs Mary, greengrocer, 124 Manchester Street
Radcliffe Mrs Nancy, Albert villa, Manchester Road, Hopwood
Hogged School, Samuel Street; John T. Holt, secretary
Ratcliffe Clegg, tabacconist, 33 Market Street
Ratcliffe Mr James, St James' Terrace
Ramsbottom William, blacksmith and farrier, Town Row yard, Rochdale Road
Rand John, clogger, 32 Market Street and 25 Dawson Street
Ratledge John, draper, 20 Walton Street, Hopwood
Ratledge Richard, slater and plasterer, Wilton Street
Rattlebones Robert, clogger, 8 Bridge Street, Hooley Bridge
Reegan William Austin, assurance agent, 15 Hampden Street
Reform Club, Longford Street; Samuel Horrocks, sec.; John Leach, steward
Renshaw James, farmer, Hooley Barn
Rhodes Miss Alice, shopkeeper, Union Street, Heady Hill
Rhodes Benjamin, vict., Summit Inn, Bury New Road
Rhodes Edmund, grocer, 2 Bury New Road
Rhodes James, cotton waste dealer, Hooley Brow; h. Bury New Road
Rhodes James, wine and spirit merchant, 56 Market Street; and cotton waste dealer, Dawson Street
Rhodes John, grocer, 49 Market Street
Rhodes John, plumber and glazier, 81 Bridge Street
Rhodes Miss Maria, Union Street, Heady Hill
Rhodes Mrs Mary Hannah, butcher, 145 York Street
Rhodes Samuel, bricklayer and contractor, Agincourt Street
Richardson Misses Emma and Elizabeth, 34 Bridge Street
Richardson James, tailor and clothier, 111 York Street
Rigby Edward, gentlemen's outfitter and baby linen dealer, 24 Market Place
Rigby Richard, bookkeeper, 109 Rochdale Road
Rigby Samuel, grocer's assistant, 75 William Street
Rigby William, draper and confectioner, 13 Bridge Street
Riley Thomas, farmer, Hopwood
Roach Mill Spinning and Manufacturing Co., Limited, Peel Lane; Frederick B. Jameson, secretary and manager
Roberts William, coal merchant, Railway station; Samuel H. Goddard, agent
Robinson Brice Grant Dean, plumber, 65 York Street
Robinson Seth, registrar of cemetery, Rochdale Road
Robinson, Wolstenholme, & Co., coal merchants, 11 Railway Street
Rogers John, salesman, Nutfield Terrace, William Street
Rose Edward, farmer, Heap
Rothwell Mrs Alice, dressmaker, 103 Brunswick Street
Rothwell & Ingham, veterinary surgeons, Manchester Street
Rothwell Mr James, 107 Brunswick Street
Rothwell James, cashier and secretary, Bury New Road
Rothwell John, farmer, Heap
Rothwell Joseph, bookseller and stationer, 20 Market Place
Roundell John, shopkeeper, 8 Wilton Street
Rowbotham James, greengrocer, 40 Manchester Street
Rowe Joseph, mill manager, Peel Lane
Rowley Thomas, beerseller, 30 Middleton Road, Hopwood
Royds Samuel, cotton spinner, South Street Mill; h. 90 Bury Street
Rushton James, wire worker, 10 and 12 Collinge Street
Rushton Shepherd, creel peg maker, 13 Collinge Street
Russell Rev. Edward James, M.A., vicar of St James', The Vicarage, Heady Hill
Ryan Peter, greengrocer, Union Street, Heady Hill
Rylance George, butcher, Church Street, and beerhouse, Langton Arms, 61 Miller Street
Sandiford James, clogger and newsagent, 63 Bury Street
Saxon Henry, coal merchant, Railway Street; h. 13 Manchester Road
Schofield Alfred, coal dealer, Green Lane
Schofield Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, 11 Starkey Street
Schofield Mrs Emma, shopkeeper, 19 Rochdale Road
Schofield Edward, shopkeeper, 5 Rochdale Road
Schofield Edwin, warper (j.), Fern Street
Schofield Mrs Ellen, vict., Star Inn, 2 Market Street
Schofield Frank, beerhouse, Park Inn, William Street
Schofield James, slater and grocer, 57a Manchester Street
Schofield James, carrier, Vale Street
Schofield James, water rate collector, Miller Street
Schofield J. & Co., cotton spinners, High Street Mill, Hopwood
Schofield John, bricklayer and contractor, 55 William Street
Schofield John, clogger, 147 York Street
Schofield John, beerhouse, Bridge Inn, Hooley Brow
Schofield Jonathan, painter and decorator, 7 Rochdale Road
Schofield Jonathan, iron dealer and beerhouse, Our House, 79 Manchester Street
Schofield Joseph, grocer, 94 York Street
Schofield Mrs Mary, dressmaker, 44 Hardfield Street
Schofield Thomas, farmer, Heap Schofield William, cow keeper, Green Lane
Schofield William Street, farmer and brickmaker, Pilsworth Road
Scholes Miss Maria, schoolmistress, Manchester Street
Scholes Richard, grocer, 14 Hardfield Street
Scholfield Arthur Beaumont, assurance agent, 1 St James' Terrace
Scholfield Susan Jane & Son (George Edward), assurance agents, 23 York Street and 1 St James' Terrace
Schollick Anthony, draper, 53 York Street
Scott Mrs Susan, 44 Aspinall Street
Scott Thomas Livesey, engineer and brass founder, 74 and 76 Church Street and Aspinall Street
Scott Wm. Andrew, publisher of the Heywood Advertiser, 48 Church Street
Seddon John, grocer, 28 Bridge Street
Shackleton John, grocer and boot and shoemaker, 125 Manchester Street
Sharp Frederick, shopkeeper, 7 Victoria Street, Hopwood
Sharp Mrs Alice, vest maker, 1 Prince Street
Sharpies John, greengrocer, Peel Lane
Shaw Andrew, boot and shoemaker, 22 Market Place
Shaw James Henry, clothes dealer and assurance agent, 96 York Street
Shepherd John, farmer, Hopwood
Shepherd Thomas, collector, Hooley Bridge
Shepherd Robert, pawnbroker, 28 Market Street
Sherratt Amy Louisa, dressmaker, 4 Bury New Road
Sherratt John, publisher of school registers, 38 Bury New Road
Shore John, draper, 1 Manchester Street
Siddall Thomas, agent for Thos. Fletcher & Sons, Railway station; h. Castleton
Simcock Henry, greengrocer, l8 Hardfield Street
Simmons Henry, printer and stationer, 41 Church Street; h. 14 West Street
Simons George, tailor and draper, 3 Bridge Street
Simpson Mrs Ann, greengrocer, 81 Hardfield Street
Simpson William, tailor, 19 Manchester Street
Slack Thomas & Co., drapers, 27 Market Place
Slater John, teacher of music and beerhouse, Red Lion, 6 Ashton Street
Slinger Richard, farmer, Hopwood
Smith Mr Adam, 6 York Street
Smith Adam, grocer and provision dealer, 112 Bridge Street
Smith Arthur Thomas, baker and grocer, 82 Church Street
Smith Benjamin, shopkeeper, 13 Torrington Street, Hopwood
Smith Charles, chemist and druggist, 79 York Street
Smith David, coal merchant (Bates & Smith); h. 57 Manchester Road
Smith David, Esq., J.P., cotton spinner and manufacturer, Spring Mills; h. Spring cottage, Bury Old Road
Smith & Gregson, coal merchants, Railway station
Smith Isaac (Smith & Gregson); h. 133 Manchester Street
Smith Isaac, grocer, 24 King Street Smith James, dyer and maker of grandrelle yarns, Phoenix mill, John Street; h. Starkey Street
Smith John, greengrocer, 61 Bridge Street
Smith John, smallware dealer, 70 Church Street
Smith John, carter, 129 Manchester Street
Smith John (William Smith & Bros.); h. Lane End cottage
Smith Joseph James, solicitor (at Manchester), Holly bank, Hopwood
Smith Lonsdale, confectioner (Aspinall & Smith); h. 43 York Street
Smith Mark, vict., Cotton Tree, 2 Schofield Street
Smith Mrs Martha, 114 Manchester Street
Smith Mrs Mary, pawnbroker, 60 and 62 Bridge Street
Smith Mrs Mary, St James' Terrace
Smith Robert, vict., Bay Horse, 39 Torrington Street, Hopwood
Smith Samuel, cotton spinner, Eagle Mill, Rochdale Road; h. 27 York Street
Smith Samuel (Win. Smith & Bros.); h. Woodland cottage, Hopwood
Smith Thomas, cashier and secretary, 129 Manchester Street
Smith Thomas, clock maker, 71 Manchester Street
Smith Waverley, pattern maker, Milton Terrace, Green Lane
Smith William (Wm. Smith & Bros.); h. Park View House, Hopwood
Smith William & Bros., iron founders and machine and loom makers, Sun Iron Works, Green Lane
Speight George, architect, 5 Church Street; h. 7 King Street
Spencer James, greengrocer, 128 Bridge Street
Spencer James, cotton waste dealer, New York Mill; h. 1 Peel Street
Spencer John, butcher, 93 Bridge Street
Spencer Mrs Mary Robinson, shopkeeper, 2 Ashton Street
Spencer Mr Samuel, 9 Mills Street
Spittal Rev. John, M.A., rector of St Luke's, The Rectory, Queen's park
Stafford William, pork butcher, 23 Market Street and 72 Manchester Street
Standring Hugh, mill manager, 49 Bridge Street
Standring Johnson, vict., Starkey Arms, 20 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Stansfield William, oat cake baker, 131 Starkey Street
Stopford James, dentist, 79 Bridge Street
Storry Rev. Richard (New Jerusalem), 72 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Stott Mrs Ann, shopkeeper, 117 York Street
Stott George, shopkeeper, Peel Lane
Stott Isaac Leach, cotton manufacturer (Petty & Stott); h. 11 Mills Street
Stott James, manager, 7 Park Street, Hopwood
Stott Jane, milliner and dressmaker, Hill Street, Hopwood
Stott John, time keeper, 133 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Stott John Edward, yeast dealer, 35 Ormrod Street
Stott Robert, boot and shoe maker, 15 York Street
Stott Mr Robert, Glegge Street, Hopwood
Stott Robert, pawnbroker, 2 Brierley Street
Stott Robert S., yeast importer, 16 Benfield Street
Stott William, solicitor (at Rochdale), Chamber house, Rochdale Road
Stott William, painter and decorator, and grocer, 2 and 4 Benneld Street
Stringer Robert, grocer, 47 Manchester Street
Summersall Mrs Betty, vict., Talbot Inn, 72 Bridge Street
Summersgill John, smith and machinist, Gregge Street works, Hopwood
Sunderland Mrs Martha, vict., Railway Inn, 2 Manchester Road
Sutcliffe Henry, milliner and draper, 18 Market Place; h. 49 Starkey Street
Sutcliffe Shaw S., schoolmaster, Mount Street, Hopwood
Swann Miss Alice, 71 William Street
Sweetmore Jesse, blacksmith, Wood Street
Swift John F., grocer's assistant, 47 Starkey Street
Tattersall Edward, wood turner, 15 Cromwell Street
Tattersall Edward (R. J. & E. Tattersall); h. Thornton, Hopwood
Tattersall Miss Eliza, The Woodlands, Hopwood
Tattersall James, Son & Co., cotton manufacturers, Twin Mills, Hopwood; warehouse, 3 Marsden Street, Manchester
Tattersall James & Sons, cotton spinners and manufacturers, Victoria and Gregge Street Mills, Hopwood
Tattersall John (R. J. & E. Tattersall); h. Holly Bank, Hopwood
Tattersall R. J. & E., cotton spinners, Bridge Mill, Hopwood
Tattersall Richard, vict., Star and Garter, Moss Street
Tattersall Richard (R. J. & E. Tattersall); h. Greenfield house, Hopwood
Tattersall Robert, butcher, 31 Bury Street
Tattersfield Ellis, tailor and draper, 104 Bridge Street
Taylor Bros. (Robert William, Matthew Henry & Philip), carriers, Bury Street
Taylor Clement, vict., Brown Cow and Park Hotel, 104 Hooley Brow
Taylor Miss Emma, confectioner, Bury Street
Taylor George, cashier, Derby Terrace
Taylor Hugh, cotton waste dealer, Back York Street; h. Bury Street
Taylor Israel, farmer, White Gate farm
Taylor James, tailor and draper, 12 Market Place
Taylor James, mill manager, Stanley Street
Taylor James, cotton waste dealer and bath proprietor, Fir Street; h. 73 Manchester Road
Taylor James, joiner, Clay Bank Street
Taylor James Robert, draper, 15 Fox Street
Taylor Jesse, rate collector, 33 Derby Street
Taylor Mr John, 106 York Street
Taylor John, general cooper, King Street; h, 3 Penn Street
Taylor John, cab proprietor, Hindhill Street
Taylor John, clerk, 46 Derby Street
Taylor Joseph, auctioneer and valuer, 9 Market Place; h. 26 Lytham Place, Bury New Road
Taylor Joseph, shopkeeper, 51 Manchester Street
Taylor Peter, boot and shoemaker, 26 Bridge Street
Taylor Richard, beerhouse, Angel Inn, 9 Bridge Street
Taylor Robert, painter, 102 York Street
Taylor Thomas, hatter, 3 Market Street
Taylor Thomas, hatter, 15 Market Place
Taylor Thomas, cashier and secretary, Manchester Road, Hopwood
Tetlow John, beerhouse, Horse and Jockey, 114 Bury Street
Tetlow Mrs Mary, shopkeeper, 43 Bury Street
Tetlow & Stubbs, publishers of the Heywood Standard, 20 Market Place.
Theatre Royal, Church Street; M.C. Clegg, lessee
Thomas Mrs Sarah Ann, shopkeeper, 41 St James' Street
Thompson Thomas, waggon works manager, Manchester Road
Titterington James, station master, Broadfield
Todd Mr Jacob, 88 Tower Street
Todd Mr William, Derby cottage, 42 Bury New Road
Todd William, Jun., oil and tallow refiner, wheel grease, and boiler composition manufacturer, Heady Hill Mill
Tomlinson John, butcher, 43 Market Street
Torrop James Spens, surgeon, 23a York Street
Townsend George, rate collector, 52 Tower Street
Townsend Robert, herbalist, 30 Bury Street
Townrow Mrs Mary, grocer and cab proprietor, 129 York Street
Trickett Henry, farmer, Hopwood
Tuke Thomas John, schoolmaster, Malvern house, Hooley Bridge
Truesdale Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 3 Hardfield Street
Turner James, yeast dealer and furniture broker, 20 Rochdale Lane
Turner John, cotton waste dealer, 59 Church Street; h. 10 Bamford Road
Turner Joseph, grocer and beerseller, 40 Bamford Road
Turner Richard, greengrocer, 73 Bury Street
Turner Thomas, cotton waste dealer, Back York Street; h. 76 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Turner William, mechanic, Milton Terrace, Green Lane
Twelves Charles, foreman smith, 135 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Twelves Mr John, Middleton Road, Hopwood
Twelves Samuel, foreman moulder, 129 Manchester Road, Hopwood

Joseph Twelves (joiners, builders and timber merchants),
opened these works on Bradshaw and Vale streets in 1880.

Union Bank of Manchester, Limited, 2 Church Street; Wm. Hamilton, manager
Venn Miss Emily J., baby linen dealer, 4 Church Street
Volunteer (8th L. R. V.) drill hall, Longford Street; Sergeant Saml. Hillery, drill instructor
Waddington Thomas, collector of taxes, 18 High Street
Waldie Rev. Francis Edwin, curate in charge of St John's, Hopwood, Milton Terrace, Green Lane
Walker William, tobacconist, 22 Market Street
Wall Mark, grocer, 28 Miller Street
Wallwork James, assurance agent, 74 Hill Street
Walmsley David, mill manager, 115 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Walsh John, greengrocer, 2 Thomas Street, Hopwood
Walsh Thomas, coal and lime merchant, Pilsworth Road
Warburton John, coal dealer, Hardfield Street
Warburton Solomon, carrier, 34 Brook Street
Warburton William, painter and paperhanger, 80 York Street
Ward Napoleon, greengrocer, 10 Bridge Street
Ward John, bricklayer and builder, Cobden Street
Wareing Mrs Ann, pork butcher, 2 Bridge Street
Wareing John, beerhouse, Crown Inn, 38 Bury Street
Warren James, stationer and newsagent, 5 Bridge Street
Washington Joseph, cloth agent, 89 Hall View Terrace, William Street
Watson Johnson, cabinet maker, 17 Middleton Road, Hopwood
Watson Rev. William (Wesleyan), St James' Terrace
Weaver Robert, ginger beer and soda water manufacturer, 45 Bridge Street
Webster William, tea dealer's manager, 29 Market Street
Weddell Mr James, 44 Walton Street, Hopwood
Weston, Grover & Lees, solicitors, solicitors to the Hooley Bridge Property Co., Limited, 32 Market Place, and Manchester
Weston Woodhouse Robert, school, Hindhill house
Whalley John, boot and shoemaker, 8 Market Street
Whalley William, overlooker, 19 Miller Street
Wham Bar Spinning Co., Limited, cotton spinners; Geo. Ashton, manager; James Rothwell, secretary
Wham Mill Spinning Co., Limited, cotton spinners, Stanley Street; Wm. Ashworth, secretary
Wharton Joseph, stonemason and contractor, William Street
Whatmough Thomas, slater and plasterer, 63 Manchester Road,
Hopwood Whatmough Walter, bookkeeper, Water Works, Miller Street
Whipp John, butcher, 69 Bury Street White Eliza & Son (James Henry), newsagents, stationers and picture framers, 123 Manchester Street
Whitehead George, plumber and tinplate worker, Bury Street
Whitehead Robert Hiram, tailor and draper, 60 Market Street
Whitehead Mr Robert, 1 Torrington Street, Hopwood
Whitehead Mr Walter, 2 Marlborough Street
Whitehurst John, bookkeeper, Hooley Brow
Whitehurst Thomas, coal dealer, 29 Bury Street
Whitehurst William, clogger, 107 Manchester Street
Whitham Joseph, stationer and newsagent, 43 and 45 Manchester Street
Whittaker Misses Deborah & Elizabeth, pawnbrokers, 5 Schofield Street
Whittaker George (J. & G. Whittaker); h. High Street
Whittaker Henry, tobacconist, 11 Bridge Street
Whittaker John, dyer and cleaner, 48 and 50 Market Street
Whittaker John, farmer, Hopwood
Whittaker John (J. & G. Whittaker); h. Derby Street
Whittaker J. & G., engineers and millwrights, Perseverance Iron Works, Bank Street
Whittaker Jonathan, greengrocer, 32 Bamford Road
Whittaker Samuel, patent spirit tap maker, Peel cottage, Bamford Road
Whittaker Mr Whittaker, 4 Wham Street
Whittam William, coal dealer, 9 Torrington Street, Hopwood
Whitwell William, coal merchant, Railway Street
Whitworth Adam, tobacconist, 52 Church Street
Whitworth Edmund, carrier and coal dealer, 9 Smethurst Street
Whitworth Thomas, farmer, Dumfries
Wild Mrs Ann, shopkeeper, 43 Bridge Street
Wild & Co., cotton spinners, Moss Mill, Bamford Road
Wild Edward, clogger, 47 York Street
Wild Henry, clog and shoemaker, 130 Bridge Street and 4 Hardfield Street
Wild Mr Jacob, 108 Hill Street, Hopwood
Wild James, farmer, Hopwood
Wild John, shopkeeper, 114 Hooley Brow
Wild John, coal merchant (Hollows & Wild); h. 9 Canal Street
Wild John, shopkeeper, 62 Schofield Street
Wild Thomas, schoolmaster, 3 King Street
Wild William (Wild & Co.); h. 8 Benfield Street
Wild William, mill manager, 40 Bury New Road
Wilding James, shopkeeper, 6 Bank Street
Williams George, schoolmaster, 7 Mill Bank Terrace
Williams Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 31 Bridge Street
Williams Mr Thomas, Stanley Street
Williamson Rev. S. F., curate of St James's, St. James's Terrace
Wilson Miss Ann, 4 Hornby Street
Wilson John Thomas, ironmonger and plumber and glazier, 62 and 64 Church Street
Wisken Henry, surgeon, Moss Street
Wolstencroft Henry, beerhouse, Gardeners' Arms, Peel Lane
Wolstencroft Miss Sarah, confectioner, 58 Market Street
Wolstenholme Mr. Albert, The Hollies, Manchester Road, Hopwood
Wolstenholme Henry, grocer and fruiterer, 65 Market Street
Wolstenholme James, smallware dealer, 101 Bury Street
Wolstenholme James, tripe dealer, 46 Church Street
Wolstenholme James, greengrocer, 141 York Street
Wolstenholme Mr. John, Victoria Street, Hopwood
Wolstenholme Joseph, clogger, 37 Withington Street, Hopwood
Wolstenholme Joseph, tailor and draper, 7 Market Street
Wolstenholme Josiah, beerhouse, Grey Mare, 96 Bridge Street
Wolstenholme Robert, cotton waste dealer, Chapel Street; h. Woodfield
Wolstenholme Thomas, master of St. Luke's school, William Street
Wolstenholme Thomas, tripe dresser, 114 Bridge Street
Wood Mrs Elizabeth, vict., Swan Inn, 101 Manchester Street
Wood Mr John, Milton Terrace, Green Lane
Wood Richard, Esq., J.P., cotton manufacturer, Vale Mill and John Street and High Street Mills; h. Plumpton Hall
Woodroofe Nathan, vict., White Lion, York Street
Woodroofe Walter, butcher, 109 York Street and Church Street
Woolner Edw., veterinary surgeon, Cowburns, King Street; h. Todmorden
Woolner Thomas, railway carting agent, Cowburns, King Street
Working Men's Club, 48 Church Street; William Pollitt, secretary
Worsley James Henry, surgeon, 14 Hornby Street
Worth John Thomas, solicitor, Market Place; h. Moss Bank, 3 Starkey Street
Wrigley William, butcher, 60 Church Street
Wright James, photographer, Church Street
Wright Miss Jane, milliner, 90 Bridge Street
Wright Timothy, tripe dealer, 119 Manchester Street
Yates Edwin, station master, 59 Russell Street
Yates John, carrier, 21 Manchester Road, Hopwood
Yates John, librarian, Co-operative Stores, Market Street
Yates Robert, beerhouse, Lord Nelson, 17 Dawson Street

Heap Fold, circa 1870.

Birtle and Heap
In 1880 Birtle and Heap were still part of the township of Bury. Bamford was a part of Middleton parish but no directory was compiled for that area in 1880.

Berry John & Sons (Richard & Robert), brick and retort makers, Smethurst Hall, Birtle
Clough J., master, National School, Birtle
Diggle James, shopkeeper, Birtle Moor
Fitton Isaac, farmer, Birtle
Goulden George A., farmer, Birtle
Loadman William, farmer, Birtle Hall
Nuttall Mr. Jonathan, White Ash, Birtle
Sexton Robert, farmer, Birtle
Shepherd James, waste bleacher, Wash Mill, Birtle
Shepherd Joseph, waste bleacher, Birtle
Taylor Albert, butcher, 23 Market Hall; h. Birtle
Thompson Thomas, farmer, Birtle
Timpany John Foster, master, New Road British School; h, Birtle
Whittaker Samuel Lawrence, fuller, Birtle Mill
Wilson Rev. Thomas, vicar of St. John's, Birtle

Barlow James, boot and shoemaker, grocer and stationer, Heap Bridge
Brooks James, butcher, Heap Bridge
Chadwick Mrs. Ann, Waterfold Lane, Heap Bridge
Clegg Thomas, master, St. James's School, Heap Bridge
Coop Mr. Henry, Spring hill, Heap
Crabtree Mrs. Ann, Heap Fold
Cronshaw John, jun., grocer and draper (post office), Heap Bridge
Diggle Mary, shopkeeper, Heap
Gerrard John, farmer, Heap Fold Farm
Grundy The Misses, Heap Bank
Hall David, clogger and shopkeeper, Heap Bridge
Harrison Job, butcher, Heap Bridge
Haworth Henry, shopkeeper, 19 Lord Street, Heap Bridge
Howarth Nathaniel, rag and waste dealer, Heap Bridge
Howarth Mr. William, 21 Waterfold Lane, Heap Bridge
Howarth William, grocer and beerseller, Heap Bridge
Hoyle William, farmer, Shaw gate, Heap
Lancashire Simon, vict., Old Boar's Head, and hay and straw dealer, Heap Bridge
Mercer James, tallow, wheel grease, and boiler composition manufacturer, Heap Bridge
Mills Ann, beerseller, British Oak, Heap
Openshaw John L., Conservative Registration agent, Heap
Shutt Howarth, master British School, Heap Bridge
Taylor Joseph, vict., Bridge Inn, Heap Bridge
Wright John Sill, wheelwright and blacksmith, Heap Bridge
Wrigley E. Grundy & Co., woollen manufacturers, Heap Bridge Mills; warehouse, 8 Mosley buildings, Manchester