'Heywood Living Memories' Index (Issues 6-7)

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Places & Themes Key

The 'places and themes' content of each entry below is divided into the following categories:

BIO: Biography
BUS: Businesses and occupations
CLT: Clothing
COM: Commemorations and Celebrations
EDU: Education
EL: Entertainment & Leisure
FD: Food
FLK: Folklore
HIS: History
HOM: Home life
IMM: Immigration
LAW: Crime, policing, courts
MED: Medical
MUN: Municipal
ORG: Organisations and clubs
PL: Places and landmarks
PUB: Public houses
REL: Religion
SPT: Sport
TRN: Transport
WAR: Wars

Vol. 6, WIN 1991, p.4
Title/author: ‘Life in the Workhouse’ by Percy Brown
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1894 on
BUS: Entwistle’s Mill, Wash Lane
COM: Whit Friday Walks; Christmas at the Drill Hall;
EDU: Birtle School;
HOM: Food and meals
ORG: Bury Union Workhouse, Jericho;
PL: Gentlemen’s’ House, Deeply Vale;
Names: Clough (Schoolmaster, Birtle); Renshaw (church parson, Birtle); Nurse Livesey, Sandiford and Heywood (workhouse); Bailey (workhouse master, son was Arthur); James Kenyon; John Hallmark

Vol. 6, WIN 1991, p.7
Title/author: ‘Childhood Days’ by Dora Anderson (n. Williams)
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1910s on
BIO: Suicide of ‘Frank’ after burning down house
BUS: Tommy Butt’s, shop; Co-op shop
HOM: Inside the home; washing
PL: Green Lane, people who lived there;
Names: X

Vol. 6, WIN 1991, p.13
Title/author: ‘The High Street Man’ by anon.
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1904 on
BUS: Cinema on site of war memorial, replaced with the ‘Empire’; ‘Beehive’ billiard hall, Queen St.; Braidwood cattle slaughterhouse, Garden St.; Hairdressers, Lee and Foxcroft; Co-op shop furniture;
EL: Magic Lantern shows
PL: High St.; Bretby House, Bury Old Road;
PUB: Bridge Inn (Brickhouse); Star; Star & Garter; Wilton Arms (Pig & Whistle)
Names: Maggie, Tom and George Braidwood; James Daziel (potter); Stirk (drover); Molly Taylor (landlady, Star & Garter); Spencers (Wilton Arms); ‘Blind Tom’ Scolick

Vol. 6, WIN 1991, p.16
Title/author: ‘A Visit to “Uncle”’ by Joan Higson
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1930s
BUS: Pawnbrokers
HIS: History of pawnbroking
Names: X

Vol. 6, WIN 1991, p.19
Title/author: ‘Heywood Athletic Club’ by Charlie Southern
Type: Reminiscences
BUS: Jimmy Hill’s CafĂ©; Derby Towel Mill
PL: Lower Todd St.; South Ward Liberal Club (Seven Stars); Heywood Old Band Room, Miller St.;
SPT: Athletics, Heywood Athletic Club, wrestling, hockey, gymnastics, boxing, weightlifting,
Names: Mark Southern; James Perry; John Cullens; Ernest Avery; Eddie and Wilf Rothwell; Dick Crowshaw; Cyril Morris; Len Lines; Joe Rostron; Arnold Cooper; Harry Lees; Ernest Avery; Alt Wolstenholme; Eastwood and Ashton families; Florrie Cullens; Bessie and Mary Holt; Wilson and Ada Hutchinson; Bill Horan; Sally Shields; Bill Blakely; Shaw Brothers; Bert Fuller; Alfred Hickford; Dr Randall; Clifford Whitworth

Vol. 6, WIN 1991, p.23
Title/author: ‘A New Baby for Christmas’ by s.a.l.
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1930s
Places/themes: COM: Christmas
Names: X

Vol. 6, WIN 1991, p.25
Title/author: ‘Memories of Birch’ by ‘ex-villager’
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1909 on
BUS: Birch Mills; Willow St. Mill, Heywood; Wild’s, Miller St.;
PL: Walker St.; Langley Lane, Birch; Heywood Road; Queens Park Road
Names: Mrs Fackerley, Miss Saxon, Robert Smith (teachers, Birch); Robert Wood (Birch Mills owner);

Vol. 6, WIN 1991, p.28
Title/author: ‘Letters from the Isle of Wight’ (extracts) by E Brierley
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1910s on
BUS: Ashworth Butchers, St James’ Street, later Brunswick St., slaughterhouse, George St.; Healey Bros Rope & Twine Works; Barker Bros, Simpson Clough; Chip shop, ‘the Hollow’; Roach Mill;
CLT: Clogs
EDU: Bamford Road School
EL: Dancing, Heady Hill School
HOM: Chamber pots, lant
PL: Bamford Road fields, farmed; George St., hen pens; John Gott’s, Pilsworth Road; Collinge St.; Phoenix football field;
REL: Unitarian Sunday School and Chapel
Names: Mr Tetlow, Mr Schofield (teachers, Bamford Rd); Billy Brown, Frank Eastwood, Frank Naylor (students, Bamford Rd); Tommy Sykes; Mumford (parson, Unitarian Chapel; ‘Old Leah’ (knocker-up); Sam Barnes; Cora Pierce; Bob Smith, Susie Jones, Joe Shanks (musicians);

Vol. 6, WIN 1991, p.30
Title/author: ‘Looking Back’ (part 1) by Alan Griffiths
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1916 on
BUS: Botany Bay Sewerage Works; Plum Mill;
EDU: Regent St. Infants, classes taught
PL: York St.; Egerton St.; Higher Broadfield Farm; Gristlehurst Wood, house; Top o’th’ Wood farm;
TRN: Broadfield Station
Names: Charles Griffiths; Charlie Partington (farmer); Billy Lomas (farmer); Edith Lawson (headmistress, Regent St.; Miss Barber (later Mrs Bannister), Miss Crossley, Miss Warburton, Miss Taylor (teachers, Regent St.); Billy Ashton, Jim and Molly Ashworth, Clifford Atkinson, Vera Barlow, Eunice Bazley, Gladys Blackburn, Alice Brierley, Eric Brooks, Owen Butterworth, Harry Dawson, Frank and Sam Diggle, Lena Eastwood, Jack Fitton, Alma Gee, Alice Gilmore, Sam Gledhill, Florence Gregory, Eddie Holt, Alice Hoyle, Brenda Kay, Ernie Mayes, Rita Maynard, Billy Moss, Eric Needham, Jackie Nuttall, Queenie Owen, Mary Ridings, Frank Rushton, Doris and Elsie Scholes, Kathleen Smith, Eli Stott, Jeffrey Walker, Molly Warburton, Colin Woosey (students, Regent St.)

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.3
Title/author: ‘St Michael’s Church’
Type: History
Setting: 1865 on
BUS: Gnat Bank Slipper Mill
PL: Gnat Bank
REL: St Michael’s Church
Names: Rev. Thomas Ramsbottom, Mellors

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.5
Title/author: ‘Memories of the Workshops Football Medal Competition’ by Bert McConnochie
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1930s/40s
ORG: St James’ AFC (photo, with names)
PL: Phoenix Park
SPT: Football; Workshops Football Medal Competition
Names: Rig Wardley, Denis Penington, Billy Howell, Jack Blaydon, Wilf Slater, Harry Haydon, Jack Rogerson, Jeff Nunwick, Don Wilson, Derek Corcoran, Alan Williams, Derek Andrews

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.7
Title/author: ‘The Players View’ by Jack Ingham
Type: Reminiscences
ORG: St James’ AFC
PL: Phoenix Park
SPT: Football; Workshops Football Medal Competition
Names: Sam Morris, Tommy Ryan, Frank Bottomley

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.8
Title/author: ‘Memories of Angel Meadow’ by Teresa Wild
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1939-54
EL: Fairground at Angel Meadow, description of rides; Palm reading
PL: Angel Meadow; Brunswick Street
Names: Jean Hirst, Marion Birtwistle, Kenny Barlow, Norman Crabtree, John Maynock, Kenny Ashworth, Tom Lloyd, Boswell family (‘gypsies’ on Garden Street)

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.10
Title/author: ‘I Remember’ by H. Humphries
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1915
BUS: Shops on Bury Street: Rigby pawn shop, Woosey confectionary shop, Ashworth Provision shop, Eatough’s greengrocery, John Dawson’s corn millers, Charley Short’s barbers, Nunwick’s greengrocers; Waterford Mills bleaching and dying (Dick Kerr’s); Charley Dawson music shop, Hill St.
EDU: Bury St. Sunday School; Regent St. School
EL: Gem Cinema, list of some movies there; Palace theatre show; Sangster’s Circus; Alan Cobham’s Flying Circus
PL: Bury Street; Bank Street; Bullough Moor
PUB: 16 pubs named between Summit and the Kings; Dog and Partridge once at 64 Bank St.; ran the Red Lion (1930s)
TRN: Electric trams
WAR: WW1 – factory work; harassing ‘idlers’ in the pub.
Names: Frank Rigby, Gertie Ashworth, Tommy Deaking, John Dawson, Charley Short, Billy Brewer and WE Scott (teachers), Crompton and Latham families (Banks St.)

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.13
Title/author: 'Can You Tell Me Where I'm At?' by Michael Dee
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1936
PL: Pilsworth; Lower Whittle Farm (plane crash)
Names: Doctor Hitchon

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.14
Title/author: 'Hareshill Air Display'
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1936
PL: Hareshill Farm

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.15
Title/author: 'St Joseph's Championship Team 1930-31'
Type: Photo
Setting: 1931
EDU: St Joseph's
SPT: Football
Names: T McMahon; Billy Mawdsley; John Hammill; George England; Frank Ennis; Tom Fleherty; Tom Fahy; JE Mahon; Jim Bradley; Billy Wilkinson; Billy Boyle; Pat Cain; Doougie Schofield; Billy Brandon

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.15
Title/author: 'Hornby's Windmill'
Type: Sketch
Setting: 1930s
PL: Lower Whittle Farm, Birch

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.16
Title/author: 'Behind Enemy Lines' by Billy Boyle
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1939
SPT: St Joseph's football
Names: Annie Wilson

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.18
Title/author: 'Correspondence' by 'SRN' aged 84
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1920s
EL: Birch Mill Band
PL: Whittle Lane, Birch
Names: Brennands; Willie Berry; James Berry

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.19
Title/author: 'I Saw Halley's Comet Twice' by Effie Duckworth
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1900s onwards
EDU: St Michael's school
PL: Bamford Road;
Names: Mr Parkinson, Miss Collinosn, Mrs Brewster (teachers)

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.23
Title/author: 'Looking Back' (Part 2) by Alan Griffiths
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1930s onward
EDU: Heywood Grammar; Regent Street Selective
PL: Pilsworth Road and surrounds; Ashworth Valley; Nab's Wife; Phoenix football ground
REL: St James' Church choir
SPT: Heywood United FC; St James' FC; Heywood Amateur League; Victoria Athletic; Brunswick Villa; Queen's Park FC; Sunday Schools Cricket League; Heywood Cricket Club;
TR: Railway
Names: John Lowther; Edwin Goldsmith; Albert Walkden (St James' sexton); George Swallow; Harold Humphries; Hardman brothers; Fred Slater; Miss Mahon (teacher)

Vol. 7, SPR 1992, p.26
Title/author: 'Bamford Road Shops' by Dorothy Sweetmore
Type: Reminiscences
Setting: 1930s
BUS: Bamford Road shops - clockmaker near Longford St.; Bamford Road Co-op; Greenhalgh's chip shop, end of Dawson St.; Pillings' bakers, end of Foundry St.; Johnson's toffee shop; a chip shop; Howe's outdoor license, Holland St.; Frank Herd's barber; Howarth's baby linen; Ogdens' greengrocers; Parr's bakers; Grimes' chip shop; Almond's newsagents; Holinrake's general shop; Hooley Post Office, Claybank St.; Ogden's chip shop; Fletcher's butchers; Ab Fittons, grocers; Fowler's wool; Meredith's clogger; Jim Lees grocer; Hooley Bridge Co-op;
PL: Bamford Road;Copp's bakers; Howarth's greengrocers