Who was Living in Heywood in 1850?

The following is taken from the 'Bury Directory', published by John Heap in 1850.

Population in 1831... - 10,429
Population in 1841... - 14,763
Increase... 4,334

POST OFFICE, Market place, HEYWOOD, Thomas Battersby, Post Master.- Letters from the NORTH arrive (from ROCHDALE) every morning at half-past six, and are despatched thereto at three in the afternoon. Letters from the SOUTH arrive (from BURY) every morning at ten, and are despatched thereto every morning at half-past six.

Booth, Mrs. Mary, Market place
Briggs, Mrs. Mary, 10 York street
Chadwick, Jacob, Esq., St. James terrace
Fenton, James, Esq., Bamford hall
Fenton, John, Esq., Crimble hall
Fenton Josh., Esq., Crimble cottage
Fenton, Wm., Esq., Meadowcroft
Gee, Mrs. Ann, St. James' square
Gee, Mrs. Elizabeth, 34 Bridge st
Grundy, Edmund, Esq., Bridge hall
Guttridge, Rev. John, 59 York st
Hall, Mr. Edward, 35 York street
Hamer, Mrs. Lucy, Spring cottage
Harrison, Rev. John, 94 Manchester street
Hartley, Mr. Robt., St James terrace
Howard, Mrs. Mary, 74 Bridge st
Howorth, Mrs. Alice, 6 York street
Kay Hilton, Esq., St. James' square
Kay, The Misses, Wrigley brook
Kay, Robert, Esq., (magistrate) Millbank
Mills, Mrs. Jane, Moss house
Minnitt, Rev. Robert, York street
Price, Rev. Henry George, St. James' square
Prout, Mr. Peter, Rochdale road
Sissons, Rev. John, 113 York street
Wrigley, James, Esq., Ash meadow
Wrigley, Thos., Esq., Timberhurst


FREE SCHOOL, Church street - Josiah Schofield, master
Meredith Catharine and Elizabeth, 57 York street
MOUNT STREET DAY SCHOOL - John Astley Russell, master; Mary Russell, mistress
NEW JERUSALEM SCHOOL, Church street - J.D. Beilby, master
Richardson Hannah, Bridge street
Smith Robert, Hill street
ST. JAMES' DAY AND INFANT SCHOOL, St. James' street - Thomas Gornell, master; Ann Hodgson, mistress; Betty Ogden, teacher of infants
ST. JAMES' DISTRICT SCHOOL, Heady hill - Wm. Pollitt, master
ST. LUKE'S NATIONAL SCHOOL, York street - Thomas Wolstenholme, master; Mary Ann Tatem, mistress

Grundy Thomas, Alfred, and John, (and Clerks to magistrates, and Gas & Water Works Companies) Market street
Hunt Thomas, (from Rochdale) - attendance at the Queen Anne, every Wednesday from 10 till 4 Whitehead Henry and Sons, Market place

John Ashton, 78 Bury Street
Ralph Ashton, Church Street
Robert Brearley, Bury Street
John Butterworth, Ashton’s buildings
Thomas Chadwick, Heady Hill
Robert Clifton, Miller Street
Thomas Clegg, Peel Street
John Bradshaw, Brunswick Street
Benjamin Dearden, Heady Hill
Ann Fitton, 7 Ashton Street
Jacob Fitton, 60 Manchester Street
William Fitton, Wilton Street
James Fletcher, 23 Mount Street
Samuel Frankland, Bury Street
Alice Gee, 23 York Street
Jacob Gee, New field
John Glover, Church Street
James Grindrod, 77 Bridge Street
Robert Hamilton, 49 York Street
Luke Helliwell, Church Street
James Hilton, Manchester Street
Alice Holt, Higher Lomax
Hannah Horrox, Charlestown
Jane Hutchinson, 44 Bury Street
Job Leach, 59 Manchester Street
Edmund Lee, 78 Manchester Street
Henry McCraith, 64 Bridge Street
John Mills, Aspinall Street
John Mill, Mount Pleasant
Robert Mills, Prettywood
William Pilkington, 5 Ashton Street
Richard Ratcliffe, 10 Dawson Street
William Reed, Wilton Street
Samuel Sexton, 30 Dawson Street
John Schofield, Schofield Street
John Scholes, Peel lane
Edward Scott, 21 Manchester Street
Amelia Wild, 67 Bridge Street
John Whitehead, 86 Bridge Street
Jacob Wild, Heap fold
Robert Wolstenholme Manchester Street
John Bentley, Broad Carr
Squire Chadwick, Lower Moor
John Holt, Kenyon Fold
Thomas Holt, Dixon Fold
William Leach, Jericho
Richard Wolstenholme, Tacklee

Andrews Richard, Market street
Aspinall James, 10 Bridge street
Bridge Edward, Heap bridge
Chaffer Wright, York street
Hanson Robert, Church street
Horrox William, 20 Bury street
Wolstenholme James, Manchester street

(Marked thus * are also Printers.)
Booth John, Market place
* Cook Valentine, (& paper hanger) Market place
* Heywood John, 9 Market street
* Kent George Henry, 42 York st
Whitworth Adam, 114 Bridge street

BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS (Marked thus are also Clog & Patten Makers. See also Clog and Patten Makers.)
Alston Edmund, 80 York street
* Alston William, Market place
Atkinson Joseph, 61 Manchester st
Booth John, Market place
Butterworth William, 116 Bridge st
Chadwick Richard, Manchester st
Clough George, 127 York street
Crabtree Samuel, 33 Market street
Cropper Benjamin, 65 Bury street
Cropper Frederick, 82 York street
Crossley William, 58 Bridge street
Cross Richard, 66 Bury street
* Entwistle James, 46 Bridge street
Fletcher Abraham, North street
* Garside Hugh, 168 Bridge street
* Glazebrook Matthew and David, 4 York street
Hilton Daniel, St. James' street
Irwin John, Market street
Manock William, 64 Church street
* Mason Edward, 65 York street
Schofield John, 60 York street 
Schofield Thomas, 125 York street 
Shackleton John, 6 Church street
* Shaw Andrew, Market place
* Taylor George, 23 Manchester st
Taylor John, Little bridge bar

Bates Alice, 11 Bridge street
Clegg Richard, 19 Church street
Crowther Esther, 109 York street
Howarth John, 47 Market street
Whalley Thomas, Market street

Akers Mark, 133 York street
Bell Edmund, Hooley bridge
Coxon Wm., (pork) Market place
Cunliffe Jeremiah, Manchester st
Darney William, 104 Bridge street
Gee Samuel, 34 Bury street
Gee Thomas, 59 Market street
Haworth John, Heap bridge
Hornby John, 25 Market street
Howarth John, Hooley bridge
Howarth Samuel, 72 & 74 Bury st
Jackson William, Heap bridge
Leach Joseph, Hooley bridge
Lee Edmund, 78 Manchester street
Pickup Alice, Market place
Smith Charles, Church street
Spencer Alice, 17 Bridge street
Spencer Richard, 42 York street
Spencer Robinson, 82 Bridge street
Taylor Charles, 106 York street
Taylor Richard, St. James' street
Townrow Joseph, Rochdale road
Williamson Thos., 64 York street
Wood John, 3 Bridge street

Jackson James, York street
Jameson John Bland, 90 Bridge st
Jameson Joseph, Market place
Sagar Stephen Carr, 1 Market st
Thorp Henry, 24 Bridge street

CLOG AND PATTEN MAKERS (See also Boot and Shoe Makers)
Banks John, Bridge street
Cooper William, 40 Bridge street
Haworth John, 6 Bridge street
Heywood Samuel, 6 Brunswick st
Hudson James, 67 Bury street
Harwood William, Heap bridge
Pomfret John, 76 Bridge street
Roberts Samuel, 44 Church street
Sharp Paul, 4 Church street

INCE HALL COAL COMPANY, Canal Wharf - Wm. Rushton, agent
HEYWOOD COAL COMPANY, Captain fold - William Wescoe, manager
Hopwood Robert Gregg, HOPWOOD COLLIERY and Gooden Coal Set, Manchester st - Thomas Livsey, manager
Roscoe Lord & Co., Meadowcroft

Collinge Lazarus, 10 Bamford road
Morley William, 73 York street

COTTON SPINNERS (Marked thus * are also Manufacturers.)
Ashworth Thomas, Wrigley brook Mill
* Butcher & Hodgkinson, Schofield's Mill, and 50 Cannon street, Manchester
* Chadwick & Diggle, Paved brow Mills, and 12 Hodson's court, Manchester 
Chadwick Hugh & Jacob, Paved brow Mills, and 12 Hodson's court, Manchester
* Cheetham Charles, Miller street 
Clayton George & Co., Charlestown, Heady hill
* Clegg James & Co., Vale mill, and 14 New Brown st., Manchester
* Clegg James, Fold mill, and 4 Sussex street and 10 New Market lane, Manchester 
Clegg Robert, Old Mill, Church st
* Cleggs and Halls, Bowling green Mill, and 1 Sussex street, Manchester
Clegg William & Sons, Lane end Mill, Rochdale lane - on 'Change Tuesdays from 12 to 2
Crabtree John and Thomas, New York Mill - on 'Change Tuesdays and Thursdays
* Fenton, Schofield & Co., Hooley bridge, and 14 Cannon street, Manchester
Hamer Bartholomew, (Executors of) Wham bar Mill
* Hargreaves John, Hey Mill, Manchester street, and Bull's head yard, Manchester
* Harrison James and John, Well meadow and Moss field Mills
* Hartley William and Sons, Roe acre
* Heywood John & Jas., Rochdale lane Mill, and 8 Friday street, Manchester
* Kay John Hilton and Son, Bridge street - on 'Change 
Kay Richard, Peel street Mills, and Clarence hotel, Manchester
* Kershaw James & Sons, Peel St., and 19 York street, Manchester
Lord John, Makeant Mill
Mills and Wild, Moss Mill, Bamford road
Mills David, Foundry Mill, Dawson street
Schofield Samuel, Wham Mill
Smith Samuel, Castleton
Scott Charles, Crimble Mill, and Blue Boar court, Manchester
Taylor Edmund, Dawson hill Mill, and Old Brown St., Manchester
* Todd William and Co., Heady hill Mill
* Walsh Charles, Rosehill street
* Wild John & Son, Gooden Mills, Manchester street, and Bull's Head yard, Manchester

Ashton George, Rochdale road 
Taylor Benjamin, (and bleacher) Castleton
Rothwell Joseph, 105 York street 
Whittaker Edmund, 84 Bridge st

Aked John, Heap fold 
Aspinall Robert, Heywood hall 
Booth James, Water farm 
Bridge Robert, Shaw gate 
Butterworth John, Higher Lomax 
Fitton Andrew, New field 
Fitton Edmund, Grisley hurst 
Fitton James, Higher Elbut 
Greenhalgh Richard, Closes 
Greenhalgh William, Doctor's fold 
Higginbottom John, Higher Lomax 
Hopkinson John, sen., Broad oak 
Howard Edmund, Bamford hall gates
Howarth John, Heady hill 
Howorth John, Heap bridge 
Hoyle Lawrence, Boohole 
Kay James, Back o'th' moss 
Livesey James, Lower Whittle 
Livesey Thomas, Bullough moor 
Mather John, Manchester road 
Morris James, Top of Heap
Ogden James, Higher Lomax 
Partington Mary, Lower Whittle 
Rothwell John, Spout bank 
Saxon Robert, Lower Elbut 
Schofield Eleanor, Darnhill 
Schofield Jonathan, Hooley Clough 
Schofield Samuel, Wham 
Shepherd Thomas and Joseph, Meadowcroft
Stafford James, 59 Bury street 
Standring Benjamin, Higher Lomax 
Widdup John, Top o'th' meadows 
Wild Jacob, Heap fold 
Wild Leonard, Bridge hall 
Wild Samuel, Higher Whittle 
Wild Samuel, Water fold 
Wild Thomas, Water fold 
Woolstenholme Josiah, Crimble


Ashworth James, 21 Bridge street 
Berry John, Market place 
Cooper William, 40 Bridge street 
Fletcher Kay, 1 Church street 
Hollos Edward, 55 York street 
Lee John, Church street

Collinge Edmund, Manchester st 
Fenton Samuel, 2 York street 
Hall James, 1 Market street

Brierley Edward, Market place 
Brierley Jonathan, Church street 
Carter William, 47 York street 
Cook James, 55 Church street 
Hollows Matthias, 70 Bridge street 
Holt Joseph, 85 Market street 
Loynd Reuben, 33 Bridge street 
Maiden Abraham, Bamford road

Black Bull, Samuel Kay, Birch 
Boar's Head, William Jackson, Heap bridge
Bridge, Thos. Foxcroft, Heap bridge 
Britannia, John Mills, Bridge st 
Brunswick Hotel, William Wescoe, Bridge street 
Duke of Wellington, William Gee, Church street 
Heywood Arms, Samuel Wolstenholme, George street 
King's Arms, John Turner, Marketplace 
Mason's Arms, Thomas Warhurst, Market place 
Navigation, Benjamin Greenhalgh, Manchester street 
Oddfellow's Arms, Mark Whitehead, Market place 
Oddfellow's Arms, Geo. Crompton, Peel street
Queen Ann, Thomas Battersby, Market place
Stone Mason's Arms, Joshua Royle, Bury street 
Summit, Jonathan Dawson, Higher Lomax 
White Lion, James Taylor, York street 
White Swan, Miah Isherwood, Manchester street

Bennet Eli, (and gas fitter) Church street
Collinge Robert, jun., Bridge street 
Hamer Thomas, 27 Bridge street 
Rawson John, 6 Market street

Clegg James, (machine maker) Fold mill 
Mills Matthew, (and millwright) Moss FOUNDRY, Dawson street 
Smith Mark, Executors of, (and machine & power-loom makers) SUN IRON WORKS.

Bennett Eli, 3 Church street 
Birch Joseph, 96 Bridge street 
Holland Wm., 24 & 25 Market st 
Lea Richard, Manchester street 
Lord Frederick, 68 Bridge street 
Rawson John, 6 Market street

Briggs John, Rochdale road 
Diggle James, Rochdale road 
Harwood John, Church street 
Mills John, York street 
Mills Robert, Dawson street

Butterworth William, 15 Bridge st 
Carter William, 47 York street 
Crosbie Robert, Market place 
Dewsbury Peter, New market buildings 
Diggle John, 1 Bury street 
Knight Thomas, 9 Bridge street 
Potts Edward, 69 York street
Rayner Thos. Shering, Market st 
Reeder William, Market street 
Schofield Thomas, 125 York street 
Wild James, 86 York street

MILLINERS & DRESS MAKERS (Marked thus * are also Bonnet Makers)
* Blackburn Mary, 39 Church street
Brierley Jane, 62 York street 
Hall Mary, 72 York street
* Hargreaves Mary Ann, Church st 
Howarth Alice and Susannah, 38 Church street
* Mason Jane, 65 York street
Morley Sarah Jane, 73 York street
* Nield Sarah, 20 York street
* Pickup Mary Ann and Sarah, 91 York street
Schofield Emma, 36 York street 
Sissons Sarah, 113 York street
* Spencer Hannah, 100 Bridge st
* Williamson Ellen, 45 Bury street

Andrew Robert, 78 York street 
Chadwick Andrew, (& tenter-hook) 27 York street

Haworth John, 37 York street 
Heywood Joseph, 34 & 35 Church st 
Taylor John, 2 Bury street 
Whatmough John and Thomas, 13 Schofield street

Holden Thomas, HEAP BRIDGE MILLS, near Bury, and 14 Chancery lane, Manchester
Wrigley James and Sons, BRIDGE HALL MILLS, near Bury, and Stamp Office buildings, 9 Cross street, Manchester

Eubank Richard, 16 Market street 
Hollows Matthias, 70 Bridge street 
Smith Robert, 12 Rochdale road

PLUMBERS & GLAZIERS Who are also Gas Fitters
Brooks John, Wilson's buildings 
Haworth John, 37 York street 
Holland Wm., 24 & 25 Market st

REED MAKERS Who are also Heald Knitters

Dale George, 63 Bridge street 
Dale Peter, 1 Goodwin street

Higson John, Market place 
Jackson Peter, 10 Market street

Ainsworth Margaret, 1 Ashton st 
Ashton James, 76 Manchester st 
Ashton John, Vale street 
Ashton Samuel, 7 Bridge street 
Ashton William, Pretty wood 
Ashworth Charles, 54 Bridge street 
Ashworth James, 36 Manchester st 
Ashworth John, Peel street 
Aspinall Robert, 57 Bury street 
Banks John, Bridge street 
Barker Grace, 81 York street 
Barlow John, Heap bridge 
Bell John, Hooley bridge 
Booth William, Moss field 
Bowker Samuel, 49 Market street 
Briercliffe John, Bury street 
Burch Richard, Market place 
Butterworth James, Bridge street 
Butterworth John, Ashton's buildings
Butterworth William, 15 Bridge st 
Chadwick John, Church street 
Chadwick John, 106 Bridge street 
Chadwick Richard, Market place 
Chew William, 121 York street 
Collinge Robert, 56 Bridge street 
Crawshaw John, Brunswick street 
Cronshaw John, Prettywood 
Cropper Frederick, 82 York street 
Crossley Jane, 95 York street 
Dawson Eleazer, 57 Market street
Dawson John, Manchester street 
Duckworth Thos., 57 Bridge street 
Elliott Nathaniel, Market street 
Fielding Richard, 86A Bridge street, and Market place 
Fitton William, Wilton street 
Fletcher John, 32 Bridge street 
Fletcher John, 93 York street 
Frankland Robert, Wilton street 
Gee Thomas, Heady hill 
Glover John, Church street 
Greenhalgh Dennis, 135 York st 
Greenhalgh Elizabeth, 129 York st 
Greenhalgh Wm., 61 & 80 Bury st 
Hamilton Robert, 49 York street 
Hanson Robert, Market place 
Hardman John, Wilton street 
Harwood John, Heap bridge 
Harwood Joseph, 69 Bridge street 
Haworth Thomas, Heap bridge 
Hemingway John, Manchester st 
Heywood John, 53 York street 
Heywood John, 6 Brunswick street 
Hill Thomas, 61 Bridge street 
Hilton James, Manchester street 
Howarth David, Fairfield 
Howarth Hannah, Church street 
Howarth James, Hand 
Howarth John, Heady hill 
Howarth Mary, 87 Bury street 
Howarth Samuel, Church street 
Leach James, Church street 
Lee Edmund, 78 Manchester st 
Livesey Mary, 99 York street 
Lord James, St. James street 
McCraith Samuel, Church street 
McClann Daniel, 43 Church street 
Maden Abraham, Bamford road 
Mercer Mary, Hand 
Mills Joseph, 11 Market street 
Mills Richard, 55 Market street
Moore John, 18 Church street 
Morley William, 73 York street 
Nelson James, 39 York street 
Nelson William, 94 Bridge street and Cleveland buildings 
Ogden John, 47 York street
Partington Adam, 48 Manchester st 
Pickup George, 20 Schofield street 
Pilkington Francis, St. James st 
Pilkington James, Fearn street 
Pollitt John, 18 Dawson street 
Porter Robert, Hooley bridge 
Prestwich John, Fairfield 
Rhodes Betty, Heady hill 
Rhodes Edmund, Charlestown 
Riley James, 45 Brunswick street 
Robinson John, 1 York street 
Roundhill Nathan, 110 Bridge st 
Royds George, 34 Manchester st 
Schofield Henry, Mill bank 
Smith Hannah & Alice, Rochdale road
Spencer James, 43 Bury street 
Stott John, 13 Bridge street 
Stott John, Schofield street 
Sutcliffe George, 25 York street 
Taylor James, 66 Bridge street 
Tetlow James, Aspinall street 
Todd Jacob, Charlestown 
Turner John, St. James street 
Waddington Mary, 18 Bury street 
Whatmough Thomas, Bury street 
Whitehurst John, 64 Bury street 
Wild John, 30 Bridge street 
Wild Mary, Market place 
Wild Mary, 66 Manchester street 
Wilson Ann, Church street 
Wolstenholme James, Heady hill 
Wright George, Bottom o'th' brow 
Yates Peter, 35 Bridge street

Schofield John, Manchester street 
Whatmough John and Thomas, 13 Schofield street

Chadwick Alice, 58 Brunswick st 
Fairbrother Ellen, 50 Brunswick st 
Fitton Betty, 62 Bridge street 
Fitton Mary, 47 Bury street 
Reed Mary, 92 Bridge street 
Spencer Hannah, 100 Bridge street 
Williamson Ellen, 45 Bury street


Foster Joseph, 21 Church street 
Leach Jesse, 8 Market street 
Pickford Jas. Warren, 111 York st 
Taylor James, York street 
Wardleworth Thos. Hatton, (from Bury) - attendance at 63 Bridge street, Wednesday and Saturday

TAILORS (Marked * thus are also Woollen Drapers) 
Ashworth William, 112 Bridge st 
Aspinall John, 40 Hill street 
* Eckersley Eli, 53 Market street 
Entwistle William, 5 Bridge street 
Greenhalgh William, Britannia st 
Hobson George, 45 Market street 
Holroyd Daniel, Prettywood 
Jones George, 105 York street
* Jones John, 7 York street
* Kay James, Church street 
Lancashire Robert, 28 Dawson st
* Randle Thomas, 38 Bridge street 
Reed Robert Boswell, 92 Bridge st
* Schofield Samuel, 31 Market st
* Taylor James, Market place 
Whitworth James, Miller street

Chaffer Wright, York street 
Hoole John, Smithy brow


Burch Richard, Queen street 
Jackson and Hoyle, Miller street

Grundy John and Edmund, HEAP BRIDGE MILLS, near Bury, and 26 High street, Manchester

Aked John, veterinary surgeon, Heap fold
Ashworth John, fuller, Meadowcroft 
Ashworth John, fuller, Jawcan 
Barlow Elizabeth, hosier, Church st
Barrowclough Cornelius, bleeder with leeches, 62 York street 
Blakeborough Wm. Roger, watch and clock maker, Market place 
Butterworth John, umbrella maker, 3 York street 
Butterworth Thos., quarry owner, Bury street 
Crabtree John and Thomas, cotton waste dealers, Dawson street 
Davies John, cooper, 18 Bridge st 
Duckworth Thomas, ginger beer manufacturer, 57 Bridge street 
Fearnley Jas., rag & waste dealer, 72 Bridge street
Fletcher Kay, chair maker, Church st 
Frankland Robert, house agent, Wilton street 
Gibson Richard, basket maker, 6 Bridge street 
Glazebrook Matthew and David, leather dealers, 4 York street 
Hall Samuel, botanic store keeper, Bridge street
Hamer Jno., bookkeeper, Heap brow 
Hanson Thomas, bolt and screwmaker, Manchester street 
Hardman James, cab proprietor, 5 York street
Hill Thomas, boiler maker, Manchester street
Howard Thos., cashier, Heap bridge 
Howarth Jno. auctioneer, Heady hill 
Jackson and Hoyle, manufacturers of files, bobbins, and indicators for machinery, Miller street 
Jones George, upholsterer, 105 York street 
Litton Sylvester, fellmonger, Roe Acre
Mather John, sand dealer, Manchester street
Nelson James, rope maker, York st 
Redley Josh., inland revenue officer, 34 Bridge street 
Richardson John Richmond, brush manufacturer, 28 Bridge street 
Schofield Tho., dealer in macintosh goods, 30 York street 
Siddall John, hat manufacturer, 3 Market street
Simcock Abraham, earthenware dealer, 20 York street
Smith Geo., bookkeeper, Heap bridge
Todd Jacob, botanic store keeper, Charlestown
Walsh Charles, picker maker, Rosehill street
Williamson Benjamin, whitesmith and spindle maker, 18 South st

ST. LUKE'S CHURCH, Church st - Rev. Robert Minnitt, incumbent; Rev. Wm. Hodgson Coates, curate 
ST. JAMES' CHURCH, St. James' st - Rev. Hy. Geo. Price, incumbent 
BAPTIST CHAPEL, Rochdale road - Rev. John Sissons, minister 
INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, York street - Rev. John Harrison, minister
WESLEYAN ASSOCIATION CHAPEL, Queen street - Rev. J. Guttridge, minister

WORKHOUSE, Bury old road - Geo. Lord, master; Elizh. Lord, matron 
GUARDIANS - Hilton Kay, Thomas Holden, and John Lord
MEDICAL OFFICER - James Taylor, York street
RELIEVING OFFICER - Richard Eubank, 16 Market street
TOWN'S OFFICE, 3 Dawson street
CHURCHWARDENS - John Kershaw and William Clegg
OVERSEERS - John Hargreaves and John Wild
ASSISTANT OVERSEER - Samuel Wolstenholme, George street
REGISTRAR - Saml. Wolstenholme
COLLECTOR OF HIGHWAY RATES - William Mason, 65 York street

BRIDGE HALL LYCEUM, Heap bridge - John Farrow, secretary 
CHURCH LITERARY INSTITUTE, Market st - John Handforth, secy 
CONSTABULARY STATION, Bamford road - Jonathan Pridden, sergeant 
GAS WORKS, Hooley bridge - Wm. Schofield, manager 
MECHANICS' INSTITUTE, Longford street - Peter Clayton, secretary 
ROCHDALE CANAL, Heywood wharf 
WATER WORKS - Office, Queen st - Josiah Taylor, agent

To Bolton - Robt. Greenhalgh from Queen Anne, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday - Eleanor Schofield, from Darnhill, every Monday 
To Manchester - Edward Hollows, James Livsey, Thomas Livsey, and Eleanor Schofield, from their houses, on market days
To Rochdale - Saml. Schofield from Rochdale road, and Robt. Greenhalgh from the Queen Anne, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - James Livsey and Thos. Livsey from their houses, every Monday
To Rochdale, Halifax, Hull, Goole, Wakefield, &c. - William Jackson and Sons
To Liverpool and Manchester - The Merchants' Company - William Jackson & Sons - J. & J. Veevers - Kenworthy & Co.

LANCASHIRE AND YORKSHIRE - Station, top of Manchester street


Population in 1831... - 1650
Population in 1841... 1722
Increase... 72

Bruce Rev. James, Bamford chapel
Fenton James, Esq., Bamford hall
Fenton John, Esq., Crimble hall
Fenton Joseph, Esq., Crimble cottage
Fenton William, Esq., Meadowcroft
Ramsbottom Thos,, Esq., Harwood fields
Wilson Rev. Thomas, Castle hill

INDEPENDENT PAY SCHOOL, Bamford - Miss Butterworth, teacher 
MOULDING DAY SCHOOL, Birtle - James Jones, teacher

Bentley John, Broad carr 
Chadwick Squire, Lower moor 
Holt John Kenyon fold 
Holt Thomas, Dixon fold
Leach William, Jericho 
Wolstenholme Richard, Tacklee

Horrox Philip, Kenyon fold
Stott James, Jericho
Thomason Seth, Jericho

Cass Joseph, Marcrofts
Jackson Thomas, Bamford chapel


Howarth Edmund, junr., Pen green

Ashworth Abel & Co., MOULDING MILL, Birtle 
Baron and Tattersall, PIT FIELDMILL, Birtle
Ramsbottom Thomas and Sons, BIRTLE DEAN MILL, and Spring gardens, Manchester

Barnes Henry, Ridings 
Bentley John, Broad carr 
Berry John, Brickcroft nook 
Booth Thomas, Thornyhurst 
Butterworth Samuel, Smethurst 
Chadwick Isaac, Gindels 
Chadwick John, Bird i'th' hand 
Chadwick John, Carr 
Chadwick John, Higher moor 
Cass Joseph, Marcrofts
Chadwick Michael, Nat bank 
Chadwick Robert, Smethurst 
Chadwick Squire, Lower moor 
Chadwick Thomas, Tacklee 
Diggle James, Castle hill wood 
Diggle Martha, Gorses 
Diggle Robert, Moulding 
Entwistle Richard, Castle hill lane 
Fitton Edmund, Moulding 
Fitton Edmund, Rigley carr 
Fitton Peggy, Smethurst
Fletcher Richard, Wood barn 
Fitton Richard, Jericho 
Fitton Richard, Top o'th' meadow 
Grundy Marshall, Round house 
Hall John, Bradshaw hill 
Holt James, Kirkcroft nook 
Howarth Edmund, Penn green 
Howarth George, New Birtle 
Howarth Michael, Sand hole 
Howarth Nathaniel, Nineveh 
Howarth William, Jericho 
Kenyon James, Broomses 
Kenyon Robert, Top o'th' roof 
Kenyon William, Grisley hurst 
Leach Robert, Simpson clough 
Riley Thomas, Old Birtle 
Rose John, Dixon fold 
Rothwell James, Silvernest 
Royds Thomas, Moulding 
Stafford Joseph, Carrcroft 
Schofield Junia, Dixon fold 
Stott Robert, Moorbank 
Taylor Alice, Smethurst 
Walmsley Joseph, Moulding 
Wilkinson Wm., Kershaw bridge 
Wolstenholme James, Silvernest


Bird i'th' Hand, James Shepherd 
George & Dragon, John Dawson, Jericho
Golden Fleece, Bamford
Pack Horse, Robert Chadwick, Carr

Berry John, Kirkcroft nook
Chadwick John, Carr 
Diggle Joseph, Birtle moor 
Fitton James, Bird i'th' hand 
Howarth Jonathan, Kenyon fold 
Howarth Michael, Sand hole 
Hunt Adam, Fair view 
Riley Thomas, Old Birtle 
Taylor Edmund, Smithy house

Butterworth Samuel, stone mason, Smethurst 
Dawson John, fire brick & chimney tile manufacturer, Jericho 
Carr Wm., farm bailiff, Heywoods 
Hall Robert, gingham dealer, Birtle dean 
Howarth James, woollen manufacturer, Cobhouse
Leach Robert, fuller, Simpson clough mill
Ludman John & Co., size makers, Red bank
Smith Robert, clogger, Kenyon fold
Tattersall John, butcher, Bowling green

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST CHURCH, Birtle - Rev. Thomas Wilson, - incumbent 
BAMFORD INDEPENDENT CHAPEL, Bamford - Rev. James Bruce, minister
OVERSEERS - Michael Howarth and William Howarth 
ASSISTANT OVERSEER - Thomas Jackson, Bamford chapel 
REGISTRAR - Jas. Jackson, Hooley bridge

Population in 1831... - 284
Population in 1841... - 325
Increase... 41

Chadwick Robert, Ashworth fold 
Whitworth Abraham, Windle 
Wilkinson James, Bridge carr

Ashworth John, Shepherd hey 
Chadwick Edmund, Ashworth fold 
Chadwick John, Ashworth fold 
Chadwick Robert, Ashworth fold 
Clegg James, Standlees 
Clegg John, Dairy house 
Gaskell Joseph, Birdfields 
Hamer John, Greengate hill 
Harrison Betty, Clough 
Hartley Andrew, Barnfield close 
Howarth Nathaniel, Leaches
Howarth Richard, Sandiford 
Lord James, Ashworth hall 
Oliver James, Blackdad fold 
Pilling Isaac, Copthill 
Schofield Edmund, Midge hall 
Shepherd James, Paper house 
Shepherd James, Windle 
Shepherd Robert, Chapel house
Taylor John, Hurst
Whitworth Abm., Gelder clough 
Whitworth Abraham, Windle 
Whitworth William, Blackdad fold
Wild James, Cocks house 
Wilkinson James, Bridge carr 
Woolfenden John, Yates 
Woolfenden John, Close barn

Howarth Nathl., shopkeeper, Leaches
Lord James, coal proprietor, Ashworth colliery
Rathbone Rev. David, Ashwth. hall 
Schofield Edmd., joiner, Midge hall 
Shepherd James, cotton manufacturer, Paper house 
Shepherd Robert, Egerton's arms, Chapel house
ST. JAMES' CHAPEL, Ashworth -  Rev. David Rathbone, incumbent
DAY SCHOOL, Ashworth hall fold
OVERSEERS - Js. Shepherd, Windle, and Jas. Shepherd, Paper house
ASSISTANT OVERSEER - Abraham Whitworth, Windle

Population in 1831... - 443
Population in 1841... - 414
Decrease... 29

Ashton David, Uptons Bridge
Thomas, Coal pits
Butterworth James, Hill top
Cocker Joshua, Cat hall
Harwood Jane, Moor barn 
Hulme John, Jackson fold 
Kay Moses, Meadowcroft 
Kershaw John, Higher broad field
Lowe Peter, Hare's hill 
Morris John, Captains 
Nuttall Betty, Lower broad field 
Nuttall John, Higher barn 
Partington Moses, Higher fields 
Schofield Samuel, Dirty field head

Bridge Richard, beerseller, Lower broad field
Fletcher & Whewell, coal proprietors, Pilsworth colliery
Lancashire James, Three Arrows, Lane end
Swanwick Joseph Wicksteed, calico printer, Hollins vale
Whewell John, bleacher, Hollins
OVERSEERS - David Ashton and John Morris 
ASSISTANT OVERSEER - Thomas Nuttall, Higher barn


Population in 1831... - 1413
Population in 1841... - 1418
Increase... 5

Hopwood Robert Gregge, Esq., Hopwood hall
Thomas Rev. Hugh Percy, Birch

HATTER'S DAY SCHOOL - Joseph Kenyon, master
ST. MARY'S DAY SCHOOL - Henry Lee, master

Dawson James, New gap
Greenhalgh Timothy, Slattocks
Lomax Jeffrey, Manchester road
Partington Richard, Birch
Smith Amos, Manchester road
Standring George, Siddal moor

Collinge Edmund, Birch
Ogden John, Slattocks

Joynson Peter and Samuel, Birch

Aspinall Richard, Collop gate
Booth Ann, Top o'th' hill
Butterworth Isaac, Siddal moor
Collinge Edmund, Siddal 
Collinge  John, Saxons
Collinge John, Siddal moor
Dixon James, Gooden house
Duckworth John, Siddal moor
Dyson Thomas, Spinthreads
Greenhalgh Robert, Siddal fold
Grime John, Yew tree
Hall James, Siddal moor
Hartley Edmund, Siddal moor
Howarth Robert, Stanicliffe hall
Kay Robert, Mercers
Kershaw William, Hopwood mill
Livsey John, Gooden
Robson Joseph, Stanicliffe hall
Smith James, Hopwood wood
Smith Mark, Gooden

Hopwood's Arms, Thomas Wilson, Slattocks
Red Lion, Samuel Howe, Birch
Three Tuns, Mary Birch, Birch
White Hart, Samuel Partington, Birch

Booth Moses, Birch 
Dawson Thomas, Birch 
Fenton Jane, Birch 
Jacques James, Birch 
Saxon Robert, Birch 
Smith Amos, Manchester road

Kershaw William, corn miller, Hopwood mill
Parr James, wheelwright, Birch
Pownall Ralph, joiner and builder, Birch
ST. MARY'S CHURCH, Birch - Rev. Hugh Percy Thomas, incumbent 
OVERSEERS - Mark Smith and John Livsey
ASSISTANT OVERSEER - Isaac Butterworth, Siddal moor

Heywood, 1848.


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