These Dark Satanic Mills

The pages linked below tell the stories of some of the mills and the workers that helped to define Heywood during its 19th-century heyday:

An interactive map and webpages listing about 150 old mills and workplaces around Heywood.

A timeline of Heywood mills through the centuries. (Page under construction)  

The history of one of Heywood's earliest mills. (Page under construction)

Link to an account of Hooley Bridge, Heywood, in 1869
Why the once-thriving Hooley Bridge Mill and village was all but empty in the 1860s.

Link to article about a crooked mill chimney in Heywood, Lancashire
Why the Brook Street Mill was said to have the 'crookedest chimney in England'.

Link to history of Makin Mill in Heywood, Lancashire
How the history of Makin (later Roach) Mill reflected the history of Heywood itself. 

Link to article about health of factory children in Heywood, Lancashire
Why children who worked in factories were smaller than those who didn't.