Life's Rich Pageant

Explore the pages linked below to find out about local traditions and the many ways in which Heywoodites have entertained and enjoyed themselves over the centuries:

Link to article about folklore and superstitions of Heywood, Lancashire
Learn about some of the centuries-old folklore that Heywood folk once had a strong belief in.

Link to history of Rushbearing in Heywood, Lancashire
An ancient rural religious festival that became so rowdy that it was banned in 19th-century Heywood.

The Heywood year was once full of local traditions and festivals. You can read about them here. (Page under construction) 

Queen's Park opened amid great pageantry in 1879.

Link to article about 19th century people of Heywood, Lancashire
A fascinating bibliography of notable Heywoodites of the 19th century.

Link to history of pubs and beerhouses in Heywood, Lancashire
Did Heywood once have the 'most number of pubs per person', and how did the thriving local pub industry develop?

Link to a list of pubs in Heywood, Lancashire
A list of the many different beerhouses and pubs that have existed in Heywood over time.

Link to writing about the countryside around Heywood, Lancashire
The bucolic writings of Victorian-era ramblers and botanists around Heywood.

A look at the different movie houses that used to exist in Heywood. (Page under construction)

When sleepy Deeply Vale hosted a series of famous free rock festivals during the late 1970s. (Page under construction)