'Heywood Living Memories' Research Index

These index tables are a work in progress that will (hopefully) eventually cover all volumes of the Heywood Living Memories magazine.

They contains details of all Heywood Living Memories articles and letters with information about the history of Heywood. Items not directly relevant to this subject have been omitted (e.g. 'word searches', some poems, jokes, etc.) so it is not a complete index of that publication.

The idea is to help researchers quickly locate and cross-reference historical information about Heywood across all issues of the magazine.

To search for specific keywords or subjects on each page, press 'Ctrl' and 'F' on your keyboard. The 'Search Box' in the top right-hand corner of this website is another short cut.

Please let me know of any mistakes or omissions that need correcting. Special thanks to the Heywood Living Memories Society for their hard work in producing a body of work that will be invaluable to future generations.

The Tables:
(Completed so far: Issues 1-6)

Heywood Living Memories 1-5
Heywood Living Memories 6-7