The 'Old Mills of Heywood' Project

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A-Z listing of mills and old workplaces:

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The aim of this project is to record details of as many of the mills, factories and works of early Heywood as possible. These will include all the cotton mills that once dominated the town, as well as other significant factories and works such as woollen mills, roperies and iron works.

Many of these places are now lost to history - although a surprising number still survive - and together they represent the rich industrial heritage of Monkey Town. A few of these places are on the outskirts of Heywood, in either Middleton, Bury or Rochdale, but would have been familiar to Heywoodites at one time or another.

I welcome any suggested additions or corrections to this information, as this project will remain a work in progress.


Jameson said…
Does anyone have a picture of Vale Cottage? I think it may once have been the mill owner's or manager's house. I believe it was demolished before WW2.