A Timeline of Heywood Schools

This timeline is a work in progress and any corrections or additions are welcomed.
  • 1737: Heywood's 'Free School' opened, and eventually closed in 1891.
  • 1754: 'Hatters School' opened on Stott Lane, Hopwood. It closed during the mid-19th century.
  • 1793: Heywood’s first Sunday School was opened on Hind Street by Wesleyan Methodists from the Gooden Lane Society.
  • 1815: St Luke’s School opened in York Street.
  • 1820s: By this time there was a boarding school at Ashworth Hall.
  • 1827: St Mary’s Church built at Birch. St Mary’s National School opened in 1836. The church was demolished in 1964. 'National schools' were founded in 19th century England and Wales by the National Society for Promoting Religious Education to provide elementary education (from a Church of England perspective) to the children of the poor.
  • 1837: St James Church and Tower Street School built. The church was consecrated in the following year, and was eventually closed in 2014.
  • 1838: School (funded by Mr W. Egerton) opened on what is now School Lane, Ashworth. 
  • 1841: John and Edmund Grundy opened a school off what is now Bury New Road at Heap Bridge, for families of workers at their Heap Bridge Mills.
  • 1840s - Maps show there was a National School and Methodist Association School at Heady Hill, near the workhouse. There was also a National School on Mount Street. 
  • 1859: St Luke’s Parish School completed around the same time as the demolition of the Old St Luke’s Chapel.
  • 1861: A Sunday School was added to the Congregational Chapel at Bamford, which had opened in 1801 and later became a United Reformed church.
  • 1867: St Joseph’s School opened.
  • 1872: All Soul’s Primary School opened.
  • 1878: Birtle School built to serve the St John the Baptist church, Birtle. The school closed in 1954.
  • 1885: St Michael's Church opened on the Bury and Rochdale Old Road. The church had originally been based at Gnat Bank in the 1850s, and their school opened in 1875.
  • 1894: Municipal Technical School opened on Hind Hill Street.
  • 1906: The first Council School erected on Bamford Road.
  • 1908: Magdala Street Council School opened.
  • 1909: Regent Street Council School opened.
  • 1912: The Heywood Technical School building was extended and reopened as the Heywood Day Secondary School. In 1924 the name was changed to Heywood Grammar School.
  • 1912: Heap Bridge Council School opened.
  • 1914: Central Council School opened.
  • 1926: St Joseph’s R C Infant School opened.
  • 1958: St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Secondary School opened.
  • 1958: Darnhill primary school opened as 'Heap County Primary'. The school was closed in 2007.
  • 1963: Our Lady & St Paul’s Infant and Junior School opened.
  • 1964: Heady Hill School closed.
  • 1964: St Margaret’s C.E. Church and School opened.
  • 1965: Sutherland County Secondary School opened.
  • 1968: Heywood Grammar School closed. The Hind Hill Street building was used for the new Heywood Junior High School, and there was a new Senior High School at Siddal Moor, Newhouse Road. This school was renamed ‘Siddal Moor’ in the mid-1970s, and the Hind Hill Street building closed in 1981.
  • 1981: Final phase of the St Luke’s new school, Queens Park Road, (commenced 1970) completed.
  • 1990: Sutherland High School is renamed Heywood Community School. This school closed in 2010.

Heady Hill, Heywood, 1840s.

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I believe Mossfield Primary School opened around 1906 on West Starkey Street (possibly the council school on Bamford Road mentioned in the timeline. The scool was closed in 2006, destroyed by fire in 2007.