Heywood Chartists

A register of thousands of Chartist subscribers is held at the National Archives in Kew. It names the following Heywoodites (there are likely to be spelling errors in this register).
John Ashton, fustian cutter, Manchester Rd
William Ashton, throstle spinner, Peels Lane
Richard Ashworth, weaver, Bury Street
Benjamin Barlow, weaver, York Street
John Barlow, weaver, York Street
Jacob Barlow, dresser, Sandy Lane
George Barlow, weaver, George Street
Joseph Barlow, weaver, York Street
William Bingham, file cutter, High Hill
Robert Bingham, file cutter, High Hill
Thomas Blumby, labourer, Top of Heap
William Booth, weaver, Henry's Court
James Butterworth, mason, Bamford
James Butterworth, weaver, Ashton Buildings
James Butterworth, weaver, Cheatam Street
Thomas Duckworth, gingerbeer maker, Weathercock
James Evenson, fustian cutter, Mill Lane
John Fenny, tailor, Bury Street
Richard Fitzsimmons, overlooker, Bury Street
Rose Fitzsimmons, reeler, Bury Street
James Fletcher, dresser, York Street
Walter Green, shoemaker, Rye Croft
John Greenhalgh, jobber, Brunswick Street
James Grimshaw, fustian cutter, Mills Lane
James Hall, labourer, Heap Bridge Bury
John Hardman, weaver, Brook Street
Andrew Hestwood, weaver, Chapel Street
John Howarth, weaver, Manchester Street
Richard Howarth, weaver, Manchester Street
Edmund Howorth, spinner, Heap Bridge
James Livesy, dresser, House & Cottage near Heywood
John Neil, block printer, Manchester Street
Elizabeth Neild, weaver, Rochdale Road
John Radcliffe, weaver, Bamford Road
Samuel Roberts, clogmaker, Hind Hill
James Royds, carter, War Office
Samuel Rhodes, weaver, Hill Street
Thomas Schofield, bricklayer, Manchester Street
Samuel Schofield, weaver, Well Street
Robert Scholes, weaver, Back of Moss
James Scott, shoemaker, Ashton Street
James Simpson, fustian cutter, Manchester Street
Josiah Slater, labourer, Bury Street
Jonathan Smethurst, weaver, Bury Street
James Smith, broker, Wrigley Brook
Thomas Smith, collier, Dixon Fold
Thomas Sutcliffe, dresser, Mills Lane
Joseph Sykes, weaver, Bury Street
William Sutcliffe, power loom weaver, 2 Smiths Court
John Taylor, weaver, Moss Field
William Taylor, spinner, Adams Buildings
Adam Wallwork, labourer, Simpson Clough
James Wallwork, weaver, Brunswick
Matthew Wallwork, weaver, Adams Buildings
Robert Wallwork, weaver, Simpson Clough
James Whitehurst, weaver, Dawson Street
Thomas Whitworth, weaver, Howe Hollage Street
Edmund Wild, weaver, Vail Street
John Wolstenholme, card room hand, Longfield
William Wolstanholme, labourer, Rochdale Rd
James Wood, weaver, Peel Square
John Wood, coal miner, Crimble
Joseph Wood, weaver, St James Street
John Wrigley, weaver, Sandy Lane
Thomas Wrigley, fustian cutter, Chapel Street
Joseph Wrigley, fustian cutter, Manchester Street
Robert Wrigley, fustian cutter, Mills Lane
William Wrigley, fustian cutter, Manchester Street
Joseph Yates, collier, Meadow Croft
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