War and Heywood

Like most other small towns in Britain, Heywood has been deeply affected by warfare. The memorial gardens in the centre of town are a moving testament to that fact. The pages linked below tell some of the history of war and Heywood from across four centuries:

Link to story of Peter Heywood and the English Civil Wars
Why a English Civil War captain from Heywood Hall betrayed his own side.

Local connections to one of the bloodiest wars of the 19th century. (Page under construction) 

The devastating impact of the American Civil War on Heywood and other Lancastrian cotton towns. (Page under construction) 

The deeply profound impact that a legendary First World War campaign in 1915 had on Heywood. (Page under construction)  

Heywood had an MP killed in action in each of the World Wars. (Page under construction) 

The impact of World War II on Heywood. (Page under construction)

Link to article about Heywood, Lancashire, and the Spitfire repair unit
Heywood's contribution to keeping British warplanes in the skies.

Link to list of World War 2 air raid shelters around Heywood
A list of the the dozens of World War II air raid shelters that were once scattered around Heywood.