Industrial Revolutionaries

The Industrial Revolution transformed British society, and during the early decades of the factory system this change was usually for the worse in the case of workers. This led to constant political and social upheaval throughout the 19th century, and Heywood - being in the heartland of the Industrial Revolution - was often caught up in those events:

Link to Sam Bamford and the workers of Heywood, Lancashire
The conditions of Heywood workers, as described by Sam Bamford, the great Middleton Radical. 

Link to the People's Charter and Heywood, Lancashire
The role of Heywoodites in the great Chartist Movement of the early 19th century.

Link to the Fall of Handloom Weaving
How the Industrial Revolution brought about the end of the once-thriving handloom weavers in Lancashire.

Link to the story of Charles Howarth and the Heywood Co-op
Why a Heywoodite who was a key founder of the global Co-operative movement was featured on a Venezuelan postage stamp.

Link to Frederich Engels and Heywood, Lancashire
How the condition of workers in Heywood played a small role in the development of the thinking of one of the fathers of Communism.