South and East Heywood Heritage

There are comparatively few heritage-listed buildings in the south and east of Heywood, although there are probably more places there worthy of the title.

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All Souls’ Church
Rochdale Road East, Heywood (1908) (Grade: II)
The tower was donated by Rathbone Hartley the first vicar. This was part of the St Luke's parish.
1898: Foundation stone of church was laid.
1900: All Souls' Church erected.
1908: The church tower was erected.
1985: Entered on the National Heritage List as a Grade II building.
2016: Church closed.

All Souls' Church (Wikimedia Commons)


Bolton Road, Marland, Rochdale (1894) (Grade II)

'Barcroft' (

Railway Warehouse and Loading Shed, Old Goods Yard
Sefton Street, Heywood (1841-43) (Grade: II)
An early example of a railway warehouse and loading shed, built c.1841-3 at the end of the pioneering first phase of railway construction. It stands at the end of the original Heywood branch line built in 1840-1 which is connected to the main Manchester and Leeds railway.

Railway Warehouse, Sefton Street.

Hopwood Hall
Rochdale Road, Middleton (16th-18th century) (Grade: II*)
This was the ancestral home of the Hopwood family until 1923, and there has been a residence on this site since the 12th century. The current Hopwood Hall is thought to have been rebuilt in the 17-18th century with parts dating back further. It later became the De La Salle teacher training college.

Hopwood Hall, undated.

Hopwood Hall Icehouse (ca. 1830) (Grade II) A brick chamber, circular in plan, 4 metres diameter and several metres deep, was originally roofed by a hemispherical brick vault which no longer exists. The remains of a brick entrance chamber adjoin to one side.

Hopwood Hall icehouse (

Former Chapel at Hopwood Hall (1964-65) (Grade II)
The De La Salle Brothers had a concrete chapel built on part of the Hopwood Hall estate during 1964–65. It was designed by Frederick Gibberd (architect of Liverpool_Metropolitan_Cathedral), and is now deconsecrated.

Hopwood Hall Chapel (

Manchester Road, Heywood (1921) (Grade II)
'Edgecroft' is the last building designed and built by noted architect Edgar Wood prior to his retirement to Italy.

'Edgecroft' (

Lower Whittle Farmhouse
Doctor Fold Lane, Middleton (17th century) (Grade II) Timber-framed structure with substantial rebuilding of parts in the 18th century. 

Doctor Fold Lane, c.1848. 

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