Northern Heywood Heritage

The rural area to the north of Heywood contains far fewer built structures than the urban parts of town, but it is still rich in heritage. The listed buildings here are mainly farmhouses and churches.

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Edenfield Road, Rochdale (1796) (Grade II) 
Owd Betts was built in 1796 by Richard and Mary Ashworth, and probably started life as a farmhouse. The building was passed to their son John and his wife Betty in the mid 1800s, and during this time it became an inn called the 'Hare and Hounds'. John died in 1869 and Betty continued to run the inn alone and it became known colloquially as 'Owd Betts', but it was not until the 1950s that the name was officially changed. The pub remained in the Ashworth family for five generations and is still operating today.

'Owd Bett's', Edenfield Road. (

Three Owls Bird Sanctuary (Schofield Farm)
Wolstenholme Fold, Norden (mid-17th century and later) (Grade II)
The farmhouse and adjoining barn were built during the mid 17th century and later. The Three Owls Bird Sanctuary and Reserve was founded there in 1962.

Wolstenholme Fold, circa 1847.

St James' Church, Ashworth
Chapel Lane, Ashworth, Heywood (1789) (Grade II)
A chapel was founded here before 1514, and worship is said to date back to the Saxon era. Except for the chancel, the chapel was rebuilt in 1789. It was enlarged in 1837, and a church school was built on School Lane the following year (closed in 1900). The chapel was lit by gas until electricity was installed in 1955.

St James' Church, Ashworth.

Egerton Arms
Chapel Lane, Ashworth, Heywood (mid-18th century) (Grade II)
Being next to St James' Church, this was originally known as 'Chapel House' and was probably rebuilt by the Egertons soon after 1767. The stables, cow stalls and barn were under the same roof as the innkeeper as late as 1946. The The pub closed in 1993.

Former Egerton Arms, 2008 (

Ashworth Hall
Ashworth Road, Heywood, conservation area (17th and 18th centuries) (Grade II)
This house is now divided into three cottages. There are two datestones in the garden, one marked with 'R.H. 1685' (R Holte).

Ashworth Hall cottages (

Ashworth Hall Sundial

Ashworth Road, Heywood, (dated 1641) (Grade II) Sundial on pedestal.

Ashworth Hall Estate Cottages and Adjoining Barn
Ashworth Road, Heywood (18th century) (Grade II)
Cottages and attached barn. C18, possibly an adaptation of an earlier building. North of Ashworth Fold Farmhouse.

Two Pig Sties
5 metres north of Ashworth Fold Farmhouse, Heywood (19th century) (Grade II)

Two Pig Sties
20 metres SE of Ashworth Fold Farm, Heywood (19th century) (Grade II)

Ashworth Fold Farmhouse
Ashworth Road, Heywood, (mid-18th century) (Grade II)

Bamford United Reformed Church
Norden Road, Heywood (1801) (Grade II)
This was built as a chapel circa 1801, although the facade is of a later date. A Sunday School was erected in 1861. 

Bamford Chapel, Norden Road (

Bamford Chapel Graveyard, Norden Road, Heywood (early 19th century) (Grade II)
This has a stone shaft with metal dial and gnomon, and is inscribed with 'Wilson (?) and Thelwell Manchester'.

Bamford Chapel, Norden Road (

Bamford War Memorial
The Church of St Michael, Bury and Rochdale Old Road, Bamford. (Grade II) Bamford War Memorial was created as a memorial to the men of the town who fell during the First World War. The first meeting to plan for the erection of the memorial took place on 23 February 1919, it was completed at a cost of £108, and it was dedicated on 9 May 1920. Following the Second World War it was also dedicated to the fallen of that conflict. The memorial was originally sited in the church yard to the W of the Church of St Michael, but was subsequently moved to its present location at the base of the entrance steps to the church yard.

Bamford War Memorial (Philip Platt)

Elbut Lane, Heywood (late 17th century) (Grade II)

Higher Elbut Farmhouse (Google Maps)

Old Birtle Farmhouse
Birtle Road, Heywood (1671) (Grade II)

Old Birtle Farmhouse, c.irca 1847.

Church of St John the Baptist
Birtle, Castle Hill Road, Bury (1845) (Grade II)

Church of St John the Baptist.

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