A collection of short videos about Heywood past and present. Please make any suggestion for additions to this page in the comments section below.

Depictions of Heywood life from the famous 'British Pathe' newsreel archives.

A video slideshow of scenes from the course of the River Roch, Heywood's main waterway.

The story of boy who drowned trying to save his friend David Ashworth, and how a memorial in Queen's Park was funded.

A slideshow of images of ordinary Heywood folk from the 19th/early 20th centuries.

Original 1970s footage of the last steam railway working for industry in Britain, and the crew who worked on it. The railway served Yates Duxbury and Sons Paper Mill at Heap Bridge.

A slideshow of images of this resilient and beautiful place from the 'Friends of Roch Valley'.

The first of a collection of old footage filmed in Bury during the 20th century. 

A collection of images from this legendary music festival.

Drone footage of modern Heywood.

When a mechnical excavator fell down a hole during the construction of the M66 motorway in Lancashire in 1976, it led to the discovery of a hitherto unknown 19th century coalmine. The presentation includes underground images.