The History of Heywood

You can explore over 150 informative pages all about the history of Heywood through the links below:

Link to the history of the centuries before the creation of Heywood, Lancashire
The Ice Age landscape of Heywood - Bronze Age people in Heywood - Roman Heywood - The Danelaw

Link to history of the early centuries of Heywood, Lancashire
The birth of Heywood - When was the Heywood Charter signed? - Heywood on an Elizabethan Map - The people of 1655 - Meet the Heywood family - The Halls of Heywood

Link to history of place names associated with Heywood, Lancashire
What does the name 'Heywood' actually mean? - Spelling 'Heywood' over the centuries - Why is it called Monkey Town? - Lost names of a 1549 land dispute at Ashworth - Old place names of Heywood 

Link to the history of early industries in Heywood, Lancashire.
Coal mining in Heywood - Tracing the mines and pit - The wool fullers - Paper-making at Heap Bridge - The mills of Cheesden Valley - Looking back at Gnat Bank - Lost industries of old Heywood

Link to history of leisure and culture in Heywood, Lancashire
Old folklore and superstitions - Rushbearing in Heywood - Annual festivals and holidays - The Gristlehurst Boggart - The People's Park - Notable 19th-century Heywoodites - Old pubs of Heywood - Enjoying the countryside of Heywood - At the movies - The Deeply Vale music festivals 

Link to history of political struggles in Heywood, Lancashire, after the Industrial Revolution
Sam Bamford and the workers of Heywood - The People's Charter - Fall of the handloom weavers - Charles Howarth and the Co-op - Marx and Engels

Link to history of writings about 19th century Heywood, Lancashire
Edwin Butterworth's 1830 Heywood - Heywood in the 1840s - Edwin Waugh's Heywood of 1855 - A walk to the cemetery in the 1850s - Heywood in 1858

Link to histories of schools in Heywood, Lancashire,
A timeline of Heywood schools - The Free School 1737-1891 - The Hatter's School - Heywood Grammar

Link to history of churches in Heywood, Lancashire
A timeline of Heywood churches - St Luke's graveyard - History of St Luke's - Whit Walks - The strange journey of a stained-glass window - Unitarianism in Heywood

Link to the history of the mills of Heywood, Lancashire
A timeline of Heywood mills - History of Crimble Mill - Hooley Bridge in 1869 - Crookedest chimney in England - History of Makin/Roach Mill - Factory children

Link to history of hanging and murder in Heywood, Lancashire
Were people hanged in Heywood? - A murder at Birtle in 1826 - The hanging of the Plumpton Wood murderer 

Link to history of shops and shopping in Heywood, Lancashire
A walk around Market Place in 1848 - Shops of Old Heywood - History of the Heywood markets

Link to history of sports in Heywood, Lancashire
Blood sports in old Heywood - History of Heywood Cricket Club - Early years of football in Heywood - Sports stars of Heywood

Link to the municipal history of Heywood, Lancashire
Heywood becomes a town - The Mayors and MPs of Heywood

Links to the history of transport in early Heywood, Lancashire
Transport in early Heywood - The Age of the Electric Tram in Heywood

Link to history of wars and Heywood, Lancashire, over the centuries
Peter Heywood and the English Civil War - Heywood and the Crimean War - Heywood during the 1860s cotton famine - A letter from Khartoum - Heywood and Gallipoli - Heywood MPs killed in action - Heywood Spitfires - Air raid shelters around Heywood

Links to the story of modern Heywood, Lancashire
The fall of King Cotton - Heywood in British Pathe films - The lost world of Green Booth - Darnhill - Bommy night in the 1970s - A walk in Heywood in 1981 - A River Roch slideshow

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