Heywood History

You can explore over 150 informative pages all about different aspects of the history of Heywood through the links below:

Link to the history of the centuries before the creation of Heywood, Lancashire
A look back at the centuries before the creation of a place named Heywood.
 The Ice Age landscape of Heywood / Bronze Age people in Heywood / Roman Heywood / The Danelaw

Link to history of the early centuries of Heywood, Lancashire
The early centuries of the village of Heywood.
 The birth of Heywood / When was the Heywood Charter signed? / Heywood on an Elizabethan Map / The people of 1655 / Meet the Heywood family / The Halls of Heywood

Link to history of place names associated with Heywood, Lancashire
The ever-changing place-names associated with Heywood.
What does the name 'Heywood' actually mean? / Spelling 'Heywood' over the centuries / Why is it called Monkey Town? / Lost names of a 1549 land dispute at Ashworth / Old place names of Heywood 

Link to the history of early industries in Heywood, Lancashire.
A look at the early industries that helped to shape the growing town.
Coal mining in Heywood / Tracing the mines and pits / The wool fullers / Paper-making at Heap Bridge / The mills of Cheesden Valley / Looking back at Gnat Bank / Lost industries of old Heywood

Link to history of leisure and culture in Heywood, Lancashire
Aspects of culture in the town of Heywood.
Old folklore and superstitions / Rushbearing in Heywood / Annual festivals and holidays / The Gristlehurst Boggart / The People's Park / Notable 19th-century Heywoodites / Old pubs of Heywood / Enjoying the countryside of Heywood / At the movies / The Deeply Vale music festivals 

Link to history of political struggles in Heywood, Lancashire, after the Industrial Revolution
How the Industrial Revolution sparked social change and conflict.
Sam Bamford and the workers of Heywood / The People's Charter / Fall of the handloom weavers / Charles Howarth and the Co-op / Marx and Engels

Link to history of writings about 19th century Heywood, Lancashire
Some memorable descriptions of the young town from visiting writers.
 Edwin Butterworth's 1830 Heywood / Heywood in the 1840s / Edwin Waugh's Heywood of 1855 / A walk to the cemetery in the 1850s / Heywood in 1858

Link to histories of schools in Heywood, Lancashire,
The early years of education in Heywood.
A timeline of Heywood schools / The Free School 1737-1891 / The Hatter's School / Heywood Grammar

Link to history of churches in Heywood, Lancashire
A look at religion and churches in Heywood over the centuries.
A timeline of Heywood churches / St Luke's graveyard / History of St Luke's / Whit Walks / The strange journey of a stained-glass window / Unitarianism in Heywood

Link to the history of the mills of Heywood, Lancashire
History of the mills that once dominated and shaped Heywood.
The Old Maps of Heywood project / A history of Crimble Mill / Hooley Bridge in 1869 / Crookedest chimney in England / History of Makin (Roach) Mill / Factory children

Link to history of hanging and murder in Heywood, Lancashire
Stories of murders and hangings associated with Heywood.
Were people hanged in Heywood? / A murder at Birtle in 1826 / The hanging of the Plumpton Wood murderer 

Link to history of shops and shopping in Heywood, Lancashire
Discovering some of the old shops that used serve the people of Heywood.
A walk around Market Place in 1848 / Shops of Old Heywood / History of the Heywood markets

Link to history of sports in Heywood, Lancashire
Stories of sporting life in Heywood.
Blood sports in old Heywood / History of Heywood Cricket Club / Early years of football in Heywood / Sports stars of Heywood

Link to the municipal history of Heywood, Lancashire
The changing status of Heywood and the different ways in which it has been run over time.
Heywood becomes a town / The Mayors and MPs of Heywood

Links to the history of transport in early Heywood, Lancashire
Looking at the changing ways in which people used to get around - and in and out of - Heywood.
Transport in early Heywood / The Age of the Electric Tram in Heywood

Link to history of wars and Heywood, Lancashire, over the centuries
A look at the ways in various wars have affected Heywood.
Peter Heywood and the English Civil War / Heywood and the Crimean War / Heywood during the 1860s cotton famine / A letter from Khartoum / Heywood and Gallipoli / Heywood MPs killed in action / Heywood Spitfires / Air raid shelters around Heywood

Links to the story of modern Heywood, Lancashire
Life in Heywood after the decline of the cotton mills.
The fall of King Cotton / Heywood in British Pathe films / The lost world of Green Booth / Darnhill / Bommy night in the 1970s / A walk in Heywood in 1981 / A River Roch slideshow

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